SRP says water released from dams won’t be wasted

Even though SRP is releasing a lot of floodwaters, the company says it's will store what it can to reuse in the aquifer.
Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 8:02 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Arizona rivers and creeks are rising as recent storms dropped a lot of rain and snow on our state. SRP says they need to release water from their several dams as they cannot let the reservoirs overflow.

“If we didn’t let the water out the water would go overtop and you certainly don’t want that to happen,” SRP Surface Water Lead Tim Skarupa said. “That’s a complete safety issue. To make sure the dam is safe, we have to release that water.”

Skarupa says they keep the water levels higher in the reservoirs just in case we don’t get a lot of precipitation. When Arizona is hit by multiple storms bringing rain and snow, the water flows into the reservoirs. That means the water already behind the dam has to be released. Skarupa says that water is not being wasted. “That water is percolating into the aquifer and it’s going to be stored there for use at a later time. It is a benefit to the aquifer.”

He says pumps can pull the water that seeped underground. Skarupa says releasing so much water “recharges” typically dry areas. To learn more about the dams SRP controls, click or tap here.