PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS 5/AP) -- The City of Phoenix organized a community meeting at a downtown church to discuss a videotaped encounter involving police officers who pointed guns and yelled profanities at a black couple after their 4-year-old daughter took a doll from a store.

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[GRAPHIC RAW VIDEO: Citizens record on cellphones alleged Phoenix police misconduct]

The meeting started at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday and lasted 2.5 hours.

A count of 2,650 people attended this meeting at Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church in Phoenix.

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[SPECIAL SECTION: Phoenix Police Misconduct Allegations]

Mayor Kate Gallego and Police Chief Jeri Williams were at the meeting. Both have apologized publicly for the incident.

[PHOTOS: Community gathers for meeting regarding allegation of police abuse]

In the beginning of the meeting, Gallego started the conversation with her apologies to the people of Phoenix.

"I'm deeply sorry for the events that brought us here today," the mayor said. "I asked for this community meeting and Chief Williams' presence so we would have a chance to listen to your thoughts."

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Gallego is referring to the community's thoughts on the video released Friday showing officers aiming guns and yelling profane commands at Dravon Ames and his pregnant fiancee, Iesha Harper, as she held their 1-year-old daughter.

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When it was time for Chief Williams to introduce herself at the meeting, she listed the multiple reasons why the community gathered for this meeting.

"So, we are here not because of one issue. We are here because of trust. We are here because of transparency. We are here because of accountability. And that is why we are sitting here tonight ready, willing and able to listen to what you have to say in order to take those ideas, in order to take those stories to be a better police department," said Williams. "I do extend my apologies to the family whose gotten less-than-professional service from the Phoenix Police Department, as well as others of you who may have gotten less professional service. I know we're better than that. I know we can do better."

[WATCH:'Real change starts with community': Chief Williams responds to community meeting comments

The couple didn't accept the apology and filed a $10 million claim against the city-- alleging civil rights violations. They say their daughter stole a doll from a store without their knowledge.

No charges were filed.

[WATCH: Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper speak at community meeting regarding police brutality]

"Nobody should ever try to justify what happened in the video. Nobody!" said Ames as he stood with Harper and their daughter at the meeting. "That's insulting and that hurts. That hurts for our family. That hurts all of us. Mass murderers get walked out without a scratch," he continued as the crowd applauded.

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Others who have been negatively impacted by Phoenix police behavior include the family of Jacob Harris, a man who was shot by police in January. His father had a direct message for Chief Williams and her department.

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"My son was Jacob Harris. He was 19. He was shot in the back by the Phoenix Police Department. Tom Horne had to sue the City of Phoenix to get the police report," said Roland Harris, Jr., Jacob Harris' dad. "So Chief [Williams], you want to talk about transparency? We had to sue you to get his police report. I got his police report today and it's inconsistent with this secondary autopsy that had been performed on my son. Your officer, David Norman-- he shot my son in the back. I don't understand how you allow him to still be on patrol. My son was the third victim of that police officer. Do you understand that chief? The third victim of that police officer!"

[WATCH: Father of Jacob Harris speaks at community meeting about police brutality]

As tensions rose, Trevor Noah of Phoenix gave a moment of hope during the meeting when highlighting moments in Arizona history where change for the better did come.

[WATCH: People PHX heard at meeting on alleged police brutality]

"I believe that Phoenix can rise from the ashes with resilience and determination to create a community full of safety and inclusion. Over 20 years ago, we didn't have a Martin Luther King holiday, and we fought and won that. Over ten years ago, we fought SB 1070 and put out our sheriff," he said. "And now, the nation is watching the resilience and the determination that we can have again in the history of our city. It is up to us to turn the tide of history. And I believe that resistance affords the opportunity to ford the greatest impact in our history. And here in Phoenix, we will be the igniters for that change." 

[WATCH: 12-year-old girl speaks about police brutality at community meeting]


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(56) comments


2,500 is nothing to the darkies, drug and alcohol related and crime supporting.[scared]


People are still pretending it's OK for cops to threaten an entire family over 20 dollars worth of merchandise?? It must be super tough for AZfam posters to have to admit the police got caught on camera violating this families rights. It's obvious a great number here make an effort to push the idea that minorities "deserve what's coming to them" since they feel minorities are the cause of all their socioeconomic woes [Hint: You're just gullible, the wealthy ruined economy into the ground twice already, and another recession is on the way]. The Klan used similar arguments to justify excessive force against minorities or "undesirables", as they routinely excused assault, terrorism, and murder back in the day. The moment all of you hold Public Servants accountable to the same standard you have for this black family will be the day Trump goes on trial for Obstruction of Justice. But that's probably not going to happen since Conservatives are massive hypocrites when it comes to enforcing the law.


The only way you came up with your name is that it fit's you so well.You must be half blind look at the video in the store the little girl shows it to her mother. her mother see's no one watching an points the little girl out the door, I think the mother knew , You people of color are always crying about something, an always blaming someone else, when in fact you can't keep your big mouth shut for nothing an that's what gets you in trouble, You all try to act so innocent, when we know you are not, your the biggest of thieves, an the loudest mouths. It's getting very sickening. The parent were WRONG an they know it otherwise they would have done as the officers asked them to. Plain an simple.Cut with the bull of them being innocent we know there not, in fact if any brains were even slightly visible the mother would not be pregnant holding a young kid. but that's how they keep the hand outs coming, or at least the ones they dont steal. Wake up were not stupid.


This ‘I din do nuffin’ stuff needs to stop.


How about the police accept punishment for breach of protocol, Dad accept his punishment for the previous multiple charges currently pending against him (DUI, aggravated assault, etc.), and the parents be charged for shoplifting, and worse, taking their minor children with them to go shoplift?


Sounds good to me, but get this racism out of it. The "SHOPLIFTING" is what started this in the first place;" NOT THE COLOR OF THE SKIN."






Stop being sensible




While I don't disagree with the premise that ALL PEOPLE should be held accountable for their crimes as well as the idea that the punishment should fit the crime, it's just a bit of a stretch to compare the crime of stealing 20 dollars worth of cotton to murdering someone in front of their family over an ALLEGED stolen 20 dollars worth of cotton, right? In my opinion the problem is an American cultural problem. A significant number on the right, people here in AZ, who enjoy stories of police getting away with brutality against minorities who also vote for politicians that rig our system of government to allow the rich and powerful to break laws, accept dirty money, steal billions of dollars from America Taxpayers and the receive no jail time, maybe a small fee. Where then a poor black family almost gets shot dead over an ALLEGED stolen doll, and those same people call them "thugs" and act like they're not a bigot at all! It's a joke. It is not right and people are sick of being treated like second class citizens. I hope this family wins that 10 mil. Won't need to steal underwear anymore!


The father who has been in trouble before stole the underwear, the daughter the doll, which you can tell from the video, that the mother knows. The video picks back up with the police arresting the couple. Both officers were at fault for the filthy mouths and excessive use of force, for which they should be fired. BUT, BUT, you can not tell me that this happened JUST BECAUSE THEY WERE BLACK. This type of behavior has happened before with other races. EVERY DAMNED TIME, something happens to a BLACK person we hear about it, I don't care if it is just that someone pulled their hair. The same damned thing can happen to a white person and nothing is ever said. Blacks REFUSE to drop the racism, it is not the white, latinoes, chinese, etc. it is the blacks who can not just shut up and let all of us get along and go on about our daily lives. I have plenty of black friends and love them all. This would be a whole different world if they would just let the "RACISM" go. We all have a CODE OF CONDUCT live by it.


What you are experiencing a phenomena called 'confirmation bias'. Perhaps the reason why you hear MORE stories about black people committing crimes is because AZfam/Facebook etc. are BOUGHT OUT, meaning someone else pays them money for their service to cherry-pick "viral" or "trending" stories, as well as censor the rest, just for you! In the academic world we call this type of censorship propaganda, advertising or public relations. Others call it 'conservative news'.


[rolleyes] Academic world... In the academic world the woman have p=nises and are called she. You've got no idea what censorship & propaganda are because live deep in the middle of a propaganda cesspool in the "acedemic" world.


Even if it was because they were black, you have already taken care of the issue by firing them (if we were so lucky). There will always be discrimination. There will always be racism. Take away the economic incentives to support both of these and we will take a step in the right direction. My point is, it should not matter if it was racism or not. It was bad actions on both cops and perpetrator parts. Both should be punished.


First off, according to eye witness accounts there was no chase. That family first saw the cops in that parking lot where PHX PD pulled out weapons over a petty theft accusation claiming their "lives were in danger", ie Cops get away with lying to cover their a$$ every day-- Refugees, citizens, cops, politicians, federal agents, sitting presidents, suspected criminals etc., all non violent peoples have inalienable rights and deserve humane treatment AND due process, rights granted by the Constitution. 90% on AZfam cherry pick when these rights apply and to whom, and only post racially charged/bigoted comments.




The father has assaulted police twice in the past, of course they are going to pull their guns, wouldn't you?


again look up DUE PROCESS.


DUE PROCESS doesn't mean what you think it means evidently. But don't let the facts change your mind.


Due Process means fair treatment, eg no illegal searches, no threats of being shot while being non-violent, and innocent until proven guilty. Cops need to be trained to DEESCALATE as PHX Cops often act as judge jury and executioner against targeted communities, the poor and minorities, I'm not surprised they are outraged as PHX cops literally getting away with extrajudicial murder for other non-violent subjects. Cops lie to cover up their a$$'$.


Due process is fair treatment through the normal judicial system, especially as a citizen's entitlement. Keyword: judicial. I realize you probably never attended a civics class but the police do not belong to the judicial system, they are law enforcement and operate under different guidelines than a court. They also face extreme violence on a day to day basis so in order to protect their lives and the lives of others they may have to take drastic measures to ensure any situation doesn't get out of control.

JF Conlon

Gettin' real sick of hearing about rights! Everyone's got a whole bunch of them and we all get to hear them ad nauseum. Along with rights, come responsibilities (remember those things?). That was something taught to kids by their parents.


Why is any one apologizing? They ran, eluded, dropped a known felon off and then a felony traffic stop on a van of blacks was made?


Who thinks this meeting was a stupid idea?


Count me in. About time the white taxpayers stand up for the police.


F U Tony! The cops work for you and if that's what you expect from your employees then you're a lousy boss. This is a case of individuals doing inappropriate and stupid things and cops acting and performing like a bunch of Gestapo agents. Imperfect individual trying to police an imperfect society, that's a recipe for disaster!


First thing taxpayers can do is no re-elect the Mayor as she has stated on numerous occasions that illegal immigrants are more important and have more rights than citizens. What she's really saying is that I want more hispanics in the Phoenix, legal or illegal so I can be re-elected in perpetuity.


Do you have any links to back up your claim that the mayor said has stated on numerous occasions that illegal immigrants are more important and have more rights than citizens"?


I’m just don’t want to hear about this anymore. These blacks are a bunch of cry babies. They are not acknowledging that they stole from the store, only that they were mistreated. If they didn’t steal then this wouldn’t have happened. Then they say they didn’t know their daughter took a doll. Do they not watch their child. Do they not hold her hand as they walk to the car. It was a big toy. They saw it I’m sure. They are just thieves. I hope the officers do not get fired and I hope those lowlifes don’t get a cent. That Al Sharpton wanna be pastor is also an instigator. He wouldn’t even let the boy answer the question as to why he let one of his passengers out of the car when he was driving away from the dollar store. I hate when people hide behind religion. I’m tired of the black attitudes! These people have no sense.

TRUMP supporter

If any of these people had jobs they wouldn't be at this meeting. Should be called a meeting of lazya ss welfare suckers.


The meeting started at 6:30 pm. Plenty of time to get off work and attend the meeting.


Their jobs are 24-7, not 9 to 5, get a clue.


He wasn't talking about the police, he was talking about the citizens that showed up at the meeting. Not unless you are saying the police are "welfare suckers"? Get a clue.

TRUMP supporter

You are criminals. It doesn't matter what the naacp, blm or any other hate group says you are and will always be criminals. Sorry to tell you this but the police were just doing their job { maybe if you 2 ever had a job you would understand this}.


What happened to the woman's green/blue hair from the 1st interview? I know, ambulance chasing 'lawyer' is staging them to look normal/respectable. Won't work!


The Mayor and Police Chief suck. They totally pushed the cops under the bus without getting the whole story. Despicable!


The MEDIA needs to stop inflaming this situation and just let the investigation/litigation play out at this point. You can't turn on a newscast (local or national) without seeing this video replayed 37 times. Common sense tells you that things could have been done better by EVERYONE (suspects and officers) involved in this confrontation. There is plenty of blame to go around. This is not the most significant issue that the Phoenix PD has ever had to deal with and the media needs to stop acting like it. This furor will die down and the world will continue to revolve - people will continue to commit crimes and the police will continue to enforce the law. Time to move on to the next topic.

JF Conlon

I'd say Amen . . . but


Could not agree more Obey. What I’ve been saying the entire time. Everyone involved in this acted like trash.


But didn't you see that the officer kicked his foot???


"This furor will die down and the world will continue to revolve". You're right, up until you become the next victim of bad policing then isn't a whole different story! Hypocrite!


An officer kicked a guys foot while cuffed. The world will continue to revolve. If I'm arrested and have my foot kicked the world will continue to revolve after that as well.


Um.... he said everyone screwed up... not just the criminal trash that shoplifted and started this whole mess. But you go on calling names.


The Mayor and Chief can read demographic reports so they first cater to Hispanics and secondly to blacks. Its a simple matter of electoral math.

Phillup Witgas

What thee holy heck is going on here ?!?!? Misconduct ??? No effin way ! That's the thin blue line folks. The only thing standing between us and the dregs of society. The next time you see an LEO shake his hand and thank him / her for even wanting to do that crappy job. These two are the worst. Kids should be taken away and they both should be in jail. It's OK to teach your kid to steal, it's OK to run from the cops with them in the car but the officers did something wrong ?? Is this backwards land ??? I almost do not believe this whole story. This is so wrong I just cannot fathom this anymore.....


The entire police force should go on a strike if these officers are severely punished. Let the miscreants run rampant and then see what the citizens think.


Shanghaimagic, Exactly! All these cop-haters would be the 1st ones crying the minute they became crime victims! They are simpletons that have zero morals or commonsense. At one point did they decide they are free to do or not do whatever they like during a traffic stop? They think they can mouth-off, cop an attitude or whatever, then they become butt-hurt once they're taken down. Good job Phx. PD/elect a supportive mayor!


Right on cue, trolls regurgitating their hate the moment they sense the community uniting against the bias and corruption within its justice system. This family was compliant and non violent but were treated as 2nd class citizens, threatened and almost shot for 20 dollars worth of cotton. Anyone who just can't see why this behavior wasn't justified is probably experiencing some schadenfreude. Except when the Bundy's occupied Native American land, many of you were cool with that...


Actually, Einstein, they ARE 2nd class citizens, at best! What normal, honest hardworking folks decide to take their innocent little children on a crime spree? You, perhaps, not the rest of us! And you are dead wrong as they were absolutely non-compliant which forced the cops to elevate their actions. Anybody with half a brain knows had they followed directives during the stop, not refused to show hands, exit the vehicle, etc, it would have resulted in a routine investigation. They knew full well they had broken the law(s). What do you think the cops are going to do when subjects ignore their commands and start reaching around inside the car? Wait to get shot? Crawl back under your rock with your criminal cohorts!


You're going to have to pick another hill to fight your virtue signaling battles. A guy getting his foot kicked is not going to keep people riled up for long especially when he has two prior charges for assaulting an officer.


Just look at Dravon Ames past record. Typical welfare black trash...


Can't wait! Should be quite the freak show. Every cop-hating, deadbeat/criminal all in one room! Don't leave any valuables within sight. With mandatory sign-in, should be able to clear up dozens of warrants, two birds/one stone!


This is why the media has approval rating in the low teens. Even today, hours after PPD releasing more details about the incident and which show this was about more than a 4-year-old removing a doll from a store, the blurb for the article still reads, "[the] encounter involving police officers who pointed guns and yelled profanities at a black couple after their 4-year-old daughter took a doll from a store." The narrative is again furthered that this was a racially motivated incident stemming from nothing more than a youthful indiscretion. Keep doing this. Get your clicks and page views. Let me know if we are better as a society years down the road as a result.


They'll squeeze as much blood as they can out of this turnip. They need the clicks and page views because their form of media is dying. Of course the fact that they're so misleading is a big reason why its dying but no one ever said the media is self-aware... Lets be honest, most journalists are people who dropped out of more difficult programs in college. They are average intelligence AT BEST.


Wow, that should be a real freak show! Every welfare, cop-hating derelict within a hundred miles, (ok within hitchhiking/light rail service) will be in attendance. Don't leave anything of value sitting out in the room. Have attendees sign in, would be a great opportunity to clear up a few hundred outstanding warrants to help cover the $10 million welfare lottery check!

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