Day 3 of Kiera Bergman murder trial reveals changed apartment locks, dispute over crime scene photos

Lawyers asked why locks at Kiera's apartment were changed twice and why the defense asked the judge not to allow crime scene pictures of her body to be shown.
Published: Aug. 11, 2022 at 7:38 PM MST
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PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Interesting new details came out of day three of the Kiera Bergman murder trial, including why locks at her apartment were changed twice and why the defense asked the judge not to allow crime scene pictures of Kiera’s body to be shown in the courtroom.

Kiera’s ex-boyfriend Jon Clark is on trial for 2nd-degree murder for the teens 2018 death after she disappeared from her Phoenix apartment. Kiera’s roommate Destiny finished her testimony late Thursday afternoon about Kiera and Jon’s relationship and other guys who may have been involved in Kiera’s life.

It was during her testimony the prosecution and defense argued about whether crime scene pictures of Kiera would be shown, and it all came down to what Kiera was wearing when her body was found.

The prosecution painted a picture of a tumultuous relationship between Kiera and Jon and asked Kiera’s roommate Destiny about the lock to their apartment.

Destiny said Kiera had it changed in July of 2018 to try and keep Jon out, and then Destiny changed it days after Kiera went missing. “Because I was concerned for my safety that if it was Jon, or whoever else may have had access to our apartment, I was still in the apartment so I wanted to make sure only I could go in the apartment,” Destiny said on the stand.

The defense questioned Destiny about a group of guys they hung out with, other men Kiera may have been involved with other than Jon at the time.

“But in your first interview with detectives back in August of 2018 you talked about a lot of different guys Kiera was seeing,” the defense attorney said. “That was…those weren’t her friends. Those were my ex-boyfriend’s friends who would sometimes come over because my ex-boyfriend would stay there sometimes as well,” Destiny answered.

Destiny eventually said Kiera was somewhat seeing another man while on a break with Jon, though Destiny said it was very casual.

The prosecution claims Jon sent a text message from Kiera’s phone to Destiny while she was missing, pretending to be her. The prosecutor said that’s not the first time.

“Do you remember a time that Jon actually used Kiera’s phone to text you? Back in March of 2018?” asked the prosecutor. “Yes,” Destiny responded.

“How did you know it was him texting you from Kiera’s phone?” the prosecutor asked. “He said it was him,” Destiny said.

On Tuesday, we learned the sweatshirt Kiera was last seen leaving work when she vanished was the same sweatshirt her body was found in, in the desert a month later. The prosecution said that’s why the crime scene photos of her in that sweatshirt are so important.

The defense tried to argue that’s irrelevant because no cause of death has been determined and asked the judge not to allow them, going into detail. “Her pants are not there, her shoes are not there, they’re not anywhere around there. The fact that her panties are found around her ankles certainly appears that they were staged that way,” the defense attorney said.

But after careful consideration, the judge made a decision. “I’m going to allow the pictures,” the judge said.

Those crime scene pictures will come into play as this trial continues. They left off Thursday questioning a now-retired detective who said Jon tried to reach out to him during his investigation to chat. That detective will pick back up his testimony next week.