PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - If you told your friends in other states that you were scratching mosquito bites on Black Friday, they’d probably think you’re crazy. But you’re not – they really are active much later than normal right now.

“Around this season they’re typically gone around this time of year,” Oz Sias said while fishing at Encanto Park in Phoenix.

“Very seldom do we have problems after Thanksgiving,” said Steve Devault, service manager at Phoenix Pest and Termite Control. “It might be isolated cases here and there, but nothing to the extent that we’re having right now.”

You can thank – or blame – the burst of rainstorms we had in early October. Later rains mean a longer season of active, adult mosquitoes. But Mother Nature isn’t the only one causing the itchy streak.

“With the watering of all the yards and so forth, with the winter grass coming in, everyone just waters the daylights out of that stuff,” Devault said.

If you’ve got soaked sod with standing water, you can count on mosquitoes laying eggs there – eggs that can lay dormant for years, even if you let things dry out. Phoenicians have noticed the longer mosquito season.

“I don’t normally see the mosquitoes by our house but we had a bunch of them in our backyard and we actually had enough that when we had the windows open overnight when it was nice and cool, that we were actually getting them coming in through the screens,” Jennifer Tieman said.

You could have a pest control company spray your bushes and your tree branches, but we’re talking about flying insects here, so there’s no guarantee that’ll take care of the problem.

But there are some things you can do to stop the problem before it starts. Any standing water that you can dump out on the concrete, for example, should take care of the eggs.

“The more you can [water lawns] probably at night or whatever, not during the day and kind of let the water – don’t have standing water out there,” Devault said.

There is some good news: the end of mosquito season will likely be here within a few weeks.


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