PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)  --- Workers at a Phoenix hotel were surprised to find a forgotten urn containing cremated remains tucked away in the storage room of the hotel

"I looked down on it and I gasped. I was so surprised. So surprised!" said  hotel worker Chelc Hugar.

In the storage room at Phoenix’s Extended Stay Hotel, located near 44th Street and McDowell Road, hotel workers found what appeared to be a fancy shot glass. But soon, the realization of what they found gave Chelc Hugar a shot of adrenaline.

"I immediately was heartbroken for whoever this is," said Hugar.

Half the size of a coke bottle, the urn was a remnant of a life lost in every sense of the word.

Hugar learned it had been in lost and found since April. Hotel records from that time are long gone.

"A lot of people will just leave and leave their whole life behind. Sometimes it can get mixed up," Hugar said.

She is now making it her mission to find the person missing part of their loved one. Plenty of others are helping too.

On Facebook, Hugar’s post about the urn has generated more than 500 shares.

“More people can share it,” she insisted. “We can find family somewhere."


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(4) comments

AZ Native

Correction to my original comment - should be hotel records dating back to April not March.

AZ Native

It's a very real possibility the urn was left behind on purpose. If it's been there since April the hotel should have already done something with it. And the hotel does not have records dating back to March? Seriously?


Definitely on purpose. I ran a crematory on the grounds of a cemetery and we found cremated remains regularly. There are abandoned remains in the storage vault going back to the 1930s. If she wants to find who left them they could open it up and there should be id papers inside. Find the obituary online and search for the listed survivors.


Regarding urn found in hotel:
The article says "...mission to find the person missing part of their loved one"...
Which part?

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