Your car is baking in the heat; here's how to help

Is my car on fire? No, just summer in Arizona

If you didn't know by now from your face melting off, summer is here in Phoenix!

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And one of the worst parts about this time of year is getting into your lava pit ... I mean car.

Anyway, some of these you may know, but here are a few easy things you can to do try and keep that car as cool as possible while we bake for the next few months.

Use a sunshade

This seems like a no-brainier to me, but every day I see people without sunshades on their cars. These help keep incoming sunlight that heats up your car from entering through the windshield. I've seen them for as cheap as $5. Totally worth the investment.Open the windows

This week we hit 119 degrees. When it's that hot outside, the inside of your car can get to 200 degrees! Yikes! If you kick on the air conditioner at that temp, your car is going to have a very hard time cooling down the inside.

When you get in your car, roll down the windows and drive for a couple of minutes. That will move air around and bring down the inside temps to something that's easier for your car to work with.Outside air setting, then recirculate

Your car AC likely has two settings: one that brings in air from the outside and one that recirculates air from the inside of the car. If your car has been boiling in the heat and you turn on the AC to the recirculate setting, it's recirculating all of that hot air. That can take longer to cool off your ride. Try starting with outside air (after flushing out heat with open windows) and then switch to recirculate after 5 to 10 minutes.Keep that shifter cool

Plastic, metal and just about everything else in your car can burn you after it's been sitting in the sun on a hot day. Use a sock to put over things like your shifter to keep it from frying your hand. A towel over the steering wheel is also a good fix on these sizzling summer days in Arizona.Hunt down that shade

The sun's rays are the main culprit when it comes to cooking your car. If you can shield your car from the sun it's going to help you tremendously in the battle of the bake! Trees, awnings and parking garages are your friend for the next several months.

Stay cool, friends!

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