(3TV/CBS 5) - Believe it not, Arizona has had some crazy winters, many of which live in the record books.

Winter storms have produced up to 40 inches of snow in northern Arizona. In fact, in February of 2019, a winter storm broke a 100-year-old snowfall record in Flagstaff  when more than 40 inches of snow fell over a three-day period.

But it can snow a lot more than that around Arizona. The greatest 24-hour snowfall in our state is 38 inches on Dec.14, 1967 in Heber. That same storm actually lasted three days and by the time the skies cleared, 67 inches of snow had fallen.

What’s the most snow that was just sitting on the ground? Hawley Lake, in the wet winter of 1967 had 91 inches of snow on the ground a few days before Christmas.

Sunrise Mountain holds on to the record for the most snow in a season, getting 401 inches during the winters of 1971-73.

By the way, the most snow on the ground, officially for Phoenix, has been 1 inch and it’s happened a couple of times, but those measurements are disputed by some.

Now to my all-time favorite Arizona weather trivia. What do you think the coldest temperature on record is? Hint: it’s the only “number” that’s equivalent in Celsius and Fahrenheit. You know, 0 C equals 32 F and 100 C equals 212 F. The scales are different. But on Jan. 7 of 1971, the weather observer at Hawley Lake in eastern Arizona reported a low of -40. And yes, -40 C equals -40 F.

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