Ways to stay cool at outdoor events

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While the rest of the country is dealing with six more weeks of winter, we in Arizona are dealing with 80-degree temperatures in February. And the extended forecast isn’t showing a break from this early warm weather. But this is why we live here, right?

I can tell you it is why so many festivals, marathons, charities and bridal parties pick the Valley to host their outdoor events.

But with the heat kicking in so early this year, we all forget how easy it is to get dehydrated, overheated or even sunburned.

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Let’s be honest, we’ve all seen the out-of-towner who looks like a lobster.

So, here are a few things that can help keep you safe and healthy.

No. 1, the key to life. We cannot say it enough. Water! Drink it, drink it, drink it. Even if you think your four bottles a day is enough, it’s not. Even in 80-degree heat, you can dehydrate quickly, especially if you are hiking, biking or playing sports. So, carry water with you at all times

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Sunblock. Yes it’s winter and the sun’s rays are not as close to the earth or angled as direct as summer but you can still get a nasty sunburn even though it's not overly hot. Slather the stuff on as directed on the bottle and look for shady spots to take breaks every so often.

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Wear the right clothes. We all have those favorite shoes or outfit that makes us look our best but sometimes it can lead to a wardrobe meltdown. Black and dark colors are great absorbers of heat, which means they will make you sweat more. Light-color cotton, breathable clothing can help standing in the sun feel like a breeze because they reflect the heat away from you.

To protect your eyes and face from the sun, sunglasses and hats are key.

Cool towels, fans that run via your cell phone, and decorative umbrellas for shade will also help you beat the heat.

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