Worst hail storm Phoenix has ever seen

Around 4:30 the afternoon of Oct. 5, 2010, a huge supercell rolled right over the Valley.

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- There are not a lot of events or days in Phoenix where residents can say, "I remember where I was when that happened!" There are few, though, and what happened over nine years ago is definitely one of them.

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I'm talking about the most destructive hail storm ever recorded in modern Arizona history. How destructive? Try around $3 billion in damages!

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Around 4:30 the afternoon of Oct. 5, 2010, a huge supercell rolled right over the Valley. The combination of a very unstable atmosphere and serious wind shear (a change in wind speed, direction with height) allowed for this powerful storm to develop. It's not something we see often!

The storm caused widespread damage throughout the Valley, including smashed car windows, dented roofs and dinged-up air conditioning units. More than 150,000 homes were damaged!

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In fact, if you are in the market for a home right now, some of the listings may say the roof was replaced in 2010 because of this very hail storm!

The hail that fell in Phoenix measured 3 inches in diameter, the largest ever recorded in Maricopa County, according to the National Weather Service office in Phoenix.

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Thousands of people filed insurance claims and pictures and video cataloged the destruction.

That day was pretty rough for Phoenix, but the weather wasn't done with us that week.

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The next day there was a tornado outbreak in northern Arizona that set a record for the most tornadoes ever recorded in a single day in Arizona!


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