AAA Arizona estimates more than a million Arizonans will take to the road this summer for weekend getaways and family vacations around our great state.

That’s up 3 percent from last year, despite the higher gas prices.

Making sure your car is ready is key. AAA Arizona recommends getting a full inspection on your vehicle before leaving. That includes making sure that all your fluids are full and rubber pieces are lubricated.

Drivers should also consider an emergency roadside kit, which should include jumper cables, a flashlight with batteries, flares and a first-aid kit. Also, make sure you have a gallon of water and non-perishable snacks for each person traveling in the car. If stranded, you never know for how long and the heat can turn an already unfortunate situation into a worse one.

As far as roads and times that are busiest, ADOT says typically Interstate 17 north on Fridays and south on Sundays. If you are heading to the coast Interstate 10 and 8 west on Fridays and east on Sundays.

And you guessed, it's State Route 87 in and out of Payson Fridays and Sundays. ADOT recommends waiting until sundown or traveling on alternative days to avoid the bumper to bumper traffic.

With so many people on the road, driver behavior can be either a good or a bad thing. ADOT and AAA Arizona encourage drivers to slow down, do not tailgate and buckle up.

It's the unofficial start to Summer Road Trip season.

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