The 5 best things about the Arizona monsoon

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It's that time of the year again! The Arizona monsoon starts Friday and boy are we excited! Here are the top five best things about the monsoon in Arizona.

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1. The rain!

It's been painfully dry this year so ANY amount of rain is welcome.

The monsoon is when we see a significant uptick in precipitation in the Valley. On average the summer monsoon brings Phoenix 2.8 inches of rain.

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2. The lightning show!

Now, of course, this comes with the threat of wildfire, but boy can the monsoon put on a spectacular light show! Some amazing pics come out of our monsoon storms each year and we love sharing them on air. As always, use caution if you plan to take pictures of lightning; preferably do it from indoors.

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3. The cooler temperatures!

There nothing like a huge storm to help drop our temperatures on a blisteringly hot and humid day. As rain falls through the storm column, it drags cooler air down with it. This cool air can drop temperatures quickly, bringing a brief respite to our painfully hot summers.

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4. The wonderful smell of "rain"!

I use quotes because in most cases you're not smelling just the rain after a monsoon thunderstorm. The Sonoran Desert is filled with the creosote bush which is what brings us that sweet desert smell after a fresh rain.

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5. The sunsets!

The monsoon means storms and storms mean clouds. Clouds lead to vibrant and amazing sunsets. Right after a storm at sunset, we can get some pretty beautiful sunsets filled with pinks, oranges and yellow.

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