I just got a severe thunderstorm warning on my phone, now what?

You've by now had a few of those warnings (dust warnings depending on where you live) this monsoon season.


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Often, on TV, a meteorologist will talk about a severe thunderstorm warning.

Obviously, that means it's a pretty serious storm and likely dangerous too, but what does it take for a storm to get that classification?

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Well if you've always wanted to know, today's your lucky day!

The National Weather Service is the government organization that issues those warnings, a whole host of other watches and warnings to dealing with flooding, tornado, dust and more.

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They are very specific about a few things for a storm to earn the severe title.

First is hail, and not just any hail. For a storm to be considered severe, the hail must be at least 1 inch in diameter.

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Wind is another deciding category. If a storm has winds greater than 58 miles per hour, it is considered severe.

And lastly, if a storm produces a tornado, it is considered a severe thunderstorm.

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Rain is not part of the severe criteria. That's handled by a different type of warning.

Lightning isn't included either, because every storm producing lightning would be considered severe.

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Even though rain and lightning aren't part of the severe warning, both can be deadly.

So as always, enjoy the weather this monsoon, safely.

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