Saving your pool from going green

It takes a lot of work to keep a pool from going green. (Source: Leslie's Pool Supplies)

There is nothing worse than wanting to jump into the pool and the water turns green. This has happened to me a few times and here’s the reason why.

As the temperatures warm up, it is a breeding ground for algae. The lack of chlorine and warmer temperatures will cause algae to form and turn green quickly.

Water with blooming algae is unsafe to swim in and could be breeding ground for mosquitoes and other issues.

There are two other reasons that cause your pool to turn green. One is pollen, which gets carried into the pool by the spring winds this time of year. The other is high amounts of metals in the pool that if untreated can even stain the pool green.

The first thing I do is attack it as soon as possible. The longer you let it sit, the worse it gets!

I take a sample to my local pool store and they test the water for you. I go to Leslie's Pool Supplies. They are a great local company that will let you know what you need, but I am sure there are other pool stores do the same thing.

The most common problem is algae, here’s how I attack it. First, I completely brush the whole pool, loosen the algae from the bottom, the walls, filters, stairs, lights – everything.

Then I backwash the pool, keep it on for about five minutes. After that, I buy liquid chlorine. I buy about 6 gallons and dump it in the pool and things start to clear up instantly.

The amount of chlorine depends on the size of your pool. After that, I run my filter for about 12 hours for two days and my pool is back up and running.

Our pool had turned green three times last year, and this year I had to promise my wife we will hire a pool cleaner this summer.

It’s tough keeping up sometimes. Spring is the windy season around here, and a lot of things can blow into your pool.

Keeping it clear of leaves and the filters clean is something you need to stay on top of. Best of luck.

- Paul

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