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We saw something Thursday morning in Phoenix we don’t see too often. Fog!

To see a lot of fog, and often, you need moisture. That is a luxury we just don’t have in the low deserts of Arizona.

But many times, the day after a storm, we can see fog blanket parts of the Valley.

Remember the Super Bowl? Rare fog in Phoenix blocked the sun and even led to some flight delays.

We saw a long and steady parade of showers over the Valley Wednesday.

The moisture associated with that rain doesn’t always disappear overnight. And that lingering moisture the next morning plays an important role in fog development.


So what ingredients other than moisture do we need for fog?

We need cool temps and clear skies. Just like clouds, when moisture is cooled and condensed, it can form fog.

You want to see the dew point and the temperature equal the same number. This morning the temperature and dew point were both 73 degrees.

The third ingredient we need for fog is calm winds. Breezy conditions will mix up the air and the moisture is not able to cool and condense.

So next time we have a storm, keep an out the next morning.

If it’s a cool, clear, moist and windless morning, there’s a chance you could start to see some fog pop up around the Valley.

Fog from space 9-20-2018

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