PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - I love looking at how the world of art attempts to capture the grandeur of the sky, a storm, a lightning bolt, just a cloudy day. Over the years, it has changed rather dramatically as, I think, photographs have added to the details of weather paintings.

The old paintings you’re about to see in this article are all in the public domain. Let’s start off with a couple that capture lightning.

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1850s Lightning

Early lightning was depicted with more zig zag lines than what it actually looked like.

Lightning in Art

More zig zag lightning

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Early artists had a tough time with lightning. Many times, the bolts ended up being more zig-zag looking than like lightning itself. But with the first photographs of lightning in the late 1800s, artists started getting lightning right when they wanted to. Here’s a recent Ed Mell painting where the landscape and storm are totally abstract.

Single Strike by Ed Mell

Single Strike by Ed Mell circa 2015

I like this early painting of a wall cloud. Though it may not be perfect, the painting does capture the energy of the approaching storm.

Approaching Storm

John Curry circa 1850.

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One of my favorite “weather” artists is Alan Atkins, who was mainly an illustrator for magazines in the early 1900s. He had a thing about snow. Here’s a cover from a Fortune Magazine in 1938.

Fortune Magazine

Cover of Fortune Magazine, February 1938

And this is a cover from a Standard Oil Bulletin from 1942.

Standard Oil Bulletin

Standard Oil Bulletin, February 1942

Now, if I could only draw.

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