A record high of 118 was set in the Valley today during the early afternoon. The previous record was first set in 1896. The morning low of 91 broke the record of 88 in 2008. And the heat goes on.

The ridge of high pressure crushing Arizona with record heat as moved, essentially, right on top of the state. As a result, we’re in the midst of a record setting day all around the state. Dozens of records are expected to fall over the next couple of days.

Excessive Heat Warnings are still in effect for metro Phoenix and central Arizona through Sunday. After that, we’ll get a break with high temperatures finally falling below the 110 mark. That will still be above normal but not in record breaking range. At this point, our forecast for Friday is 116 degrees. We’ve got a 115 plugged in for Saturday and 114 degrees on Sunday, just brutal heat for a weekend. Everyone should be very careful doing outdoor activities.

After the weekend, a weak storm passes closes enough to Arizona to import some slightly cooler air. Highs from Monday to Friday will be in the 106 to 109 range. That’s a little big above normal for this time of year.

We also saw afternoon thunderstorms in northern Arizona but the steering currents were pushing them away from the Valley so we don’t anticipate a chance for any storms tonight as we’ve seen the past couple of nights.


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