MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Firefighters stay in shape year-round thanks to having gyms at every station, but it is a different type of work out that gets them ready to be out in the heat.

It's just another day on the job for the guys at Mesa Fire Station 211, working out in the scorching sun.

[WATCH: Firefighters stay in top condition to deal with Arizona summer heat]

"Every 10 degrees or so it increases outside, feels like 20- to 30-degree increase to us," said Capt. Tom Woodhull of the Mesa Fire and Medical Department.

It's all to get acclimated to the heat.

"It helps increase our cardiovascular fitness along with our sweat rate, which in turn translates over to how we can regulate when we are out on events," said Woodhull.

[SPECIAL SECTION: Extreme heat]

The work out is done in full turnouts.

"It's very heavy, can reach anywhere from 75 (pounds)-plus depending on how many tools and stuff we carry as well," said Woodhull.

The workout mimics real-life situations firefighters are in every day.

"Gaining a water supply, forcing entry, carrying tools, those sort of things," said Woodhull.

Precautions are still taken when firefighters are called out to any event. On scene, firefighters rotate.

"Typically, 15-20 minutes is what we can expect to do," said Woodhull.

Rehab trucks with things like water, food, cooling fans are on scene and every firefighter is being monitored for heat exhaustion.

"Just like we would watch one of our citizens on a call, we also have to watch for it on ourselves," said Woodhull.


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