PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Despite a cooler-than-normal spring, meteorologists say summer will likely be above normal in temperatures.

They tell Arizona's Family it all has to do with weather patterns, or in the summertime, lack thereof.

[WATCH: The temperature cooldown in Arizona will not last]

Scientists say there have been more cool fronts than normal in the spring, causing cooler weather this season.

Soon, though, they say those cooling patterns will fade away, meaning things will soon return to normal.

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They add that the rest of May is expected to be pleasant, but as soon as June arrives, meteorologists expect things to change fast.

"The sun is getting so strong at this point that it won't take a lot for us to get out of this weather pattern and those temperatures to shoot right up into the low hundreds, 105, 110," said Paul Iniguez with the National Weather Service. "We know that those temperatures are going to be coming."

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Scientists say 2019 closely resembles both 2010 and 2015 in terms of spring weather.

In those years, summer temperatures were actually above average.


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(15) comments


This would not happen had Trump not pulled us out of the Paris Climate Accord...........


I could predict the exact same thing and I do not have a degree in weather forecasting. After all this is Phoenix.


Yeah, not sure I need a meteorologist to tell me that temperatures will be shooting up into the low hundreds in June. Geez. Yeah we have had a cool May, those of us who have been here know that. we also know a cool May doesn't mean a cool Summer. This must be the easiest place in the US to predict the weather. And they still manage to frequently get it wrong.


Hey coyotefan, you'd be surprised how many people think this summer isn't going to be as hot as they say based on current weather conditions. Also, NOAA and NWS make predictions, trajectories, and estimates based on observational data. They aren't prophets, but are constantly learning how to improve their methodology and make better predictions over time. Honestly, you think you can do better? Lets hear your ideas on how the NWS can improve their predictions.


Ignoramous - How long has your dad worked at the National Weather Service???

AZ Native

So glad we have such bright scientists to inform us of this astounding weather that we encounter every year. All they do is dust off last years predictions and say the same thing. Hope they are getting paid top dollar for their great insight.


Hey AZ Native, without these bright scientists how would you be able to type out such stupid commentary on the internet? Jesus didn't invent your computer or the internet. Scientists did. It is a FACT the National Weather Service saves lives every day. And that is not an exaggeration. NWS and NOAA observe, test, and disseminate invaluable data during Hurricane season, Tornado season, Heat waves, Blizzards, etc. So don't be a fool. Don't hate on science simply because you are afraid/ignorant of how it works.

AZ Native

YoureAnignoramous - You certainly read a lot into my post. Where did I say I hate scientists? I was referring (and not hating) to the meteorologists who predict the same thing year after year. Go crawl back under your rock.


Hey AZ Native. It's called critical thinking. You were hating on the work of meteorologists, ie Science, as soon as you made sarcastic commentary about how "bright" they are, or aren't as how you described. Which is why i challenge you to do a better job.


Hey YoureAnIgnoramous, you are one nasty troll.


Hey Dean, just curious how am i trolling? I was definitely a bit condescending, i'll try to watch that lol. But my main goal is to challenge people's world view when I think they're off base. I am trying to be genuine.

I guess all I was trying to say is we should appreciate the level of EXPERTISE that goes in meteorology, and if you want more comprehensive/in-depth weather coverage I wouldn't come to AZfamily.


Earth is not a good place to live , so beam me up Scotty ! [tongue]


The sun is getting strong right now? Sounds like a moron wrote the article.


I would argue people at the NWS have to CONSTANTLY dumb down their language so simpletons can understand what they're saying.


Were all going to burn in H--l right here in arizona!

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