FLAGSTAFF, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - New dramatic video shows the power of Mother Nature and flash flooding in Arizona's High Country. In the video shot by Taylor Landy, a street on the east side of Flagstaff has turned into a river because of Wednesday's monsoon rain. "Oh my God!" Landy screams as she sees a wave of muddy water taking a gold Toyota Prius down the street.

"Oh my God!" she screams again as she sees the Prius hit a parked truck as the strong current continues to carry the car downstream. The monsoon rain continues to pour as the Prius goes out of sight.

Taylor Landy shot a video that shows a flash flood sending a Toyota Prius down a street that turned into a river.

Landy lives off of Mt. Eldon but she said she wasn't expecting her neighborhood to flood. "This was pretty surreal for us," Landy said. She works overnights at a hospital so she sleeps during the day and woke up to thunder.

She said within 30 seconds, it went from a small flooded street to a raging river outside of her house. Landy said she initially saw her neighbor's mailboxes get taken out and then saw empty trash cans going down before seeing the Prius. "I never thought our street would have rushing water that would carry a car," said Landy. "In a better choice of words, it was gnarly."

Experts say that as little as 1 foot of water can move a car and the river of water on the street was much higher than that. Landy hopes everyone stays safe. "(The water) came on so fast we could have probably thought to walk in the water for a second and then the next thing you know, it could have swept up all the way."

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