PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- With just days to go until the start of the 2019 Arizona monsoon, insurance company Allstate has put out a list of 20 ZIP codes in Phoenix and the surrounding areas that are likely to see the most damage from monsoon storms.

The company looked at claims it received during the monsoon, with runs from June 15 through Sept. 30, for the past three years to identify areas with the most reported wind, rain, lighting and storm damage.

[WATCH: Stormiest ZIP codes in the Valley]

Nearly half of the 20 ZIP codes it came up with are in Phoenix.

CLICK HERE for a map.

1. 85032 – Phoenix

2. 85008 – Phoenix

3. 85006 – Phoenix

4. 85387 – Surprise/Peoria

5. 85007 – Phoenix

6. 85204 – Mesa

7. 85257 – Scottsdale

8. 85202 – Tempe/Mesa

9. 85281 – Tempe

10. 85306 – Glendale

11. 85208 – Mesa

12. 85016 – Phoenix

13. 85224 – Chandler

14. 85351 – Sun City/El Mirage

15. 85033 – Phoenix

16. 85338 – Goodyear/Avondale

17. 85373 – Sun City/Peoria

18. 85042 – Phoenix

19. 85201 – Mesa

20. 85283 – Tempe/Guadalupe

[SPECIAL SECTION: Arizona monsoon]

Roberto Levy and his son Ilan live off Bell Road and 40th Street in Phoenix, an area that seems to attract a lot of big storms.

"I remember a couple years ago a few blocks down south there was a lot of roof damage more the microburst type of storm," Levy said.

The Levys happen to live smack dab in the middle of the stormiest Valley ZIP code, 85032.

“With monsoon season comes severe weather across the Valley. It’s so important for residents to prepare themselves, their families, and their homes for potential storm damage,” said Allstate agency owner and local monsoon preparedness expert Christine Morrow. “No areas of the Valley are spared by monsoon season.”

[SLIDESHOW: Best of Arizona's 2018 monsoon]

Marrow explains how the company came up with its Top 20.

"What we did was we took data from last five years and compared the number of households we insured to the number of storm-related claims during monsoon season," said Morrow.

To prepare for the upcoming monsoon, Valley residents should find out what their home insurance covers, protect electronics with surge protectors, and safeguard their homes against windstorms.

[FORECAST: Arizona's Weather Authority]

"We've just got to make sure we're prepared," said Levy. "Not doing something stupid to make it worse."

When monsoon storms hit, Arizona residents should monitor the status of the storm and assess the damage, if any.

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They should also be aware of scammers who go door to door, offering to repair damage for prices and in timeframes that might seem too good to be true. It's not uncommon for Valley roofing companies to be backlogged with monsoon repairs during the monsoon, but you should avoid the temptation to go for the quick fix. It will likely cost you more in the long run.

[WATCH: Tips on hiring monsoon contractors]

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(11) comments

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Agustus Gloop

Predjudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance...there is only one race, it's the human race.


This "forecast" is preposterous at the best. Three of the zip codes are right next door to my zip code so why was it not listed. Chances are those with claims had structures that were not built properly or mobile homes or prefabs.

Agustus Gloop

It pays to be a righteous christian, god will protect your zip code.


Hey Glop, you are obviously not Christian. God does not control the weather, your god does.

AZ Native

Dean - Be glad your zip code wasn't listed because the insurance rates for those listed are definitely higher than the rest.



Comment deleted.
Agustus Gloop

Predjudice is an emotional commitment to ignorance...there is only one race, it's the human race.


Tornado in Arizona?


Here they are dust devils. Just after I moved here (30 years ago) a mile of power poles were knocked down. The unknowing claimed it was a tornado, however I have been trough several and know it was not a tornado. It was a micro burst which can do just as much damage.


There WAS a F-0 tornado in the chandler area in either '15 or '16. cant remember which one. We drove through the area right behind it. Lots of downed trees and flooded out pretty good. you could still see the remnants of the rotation in the clouds. Dust devils are up-drafts of hot air. This was a down draft of cold air/Tornado



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