MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - Neighbors near the intersection of McKellips and Gilbert roads in Mesa spent Wednesday cleaning up after strong storms rolled through the area.

Dave Woodall says the large pine next door fell onto his property during the height of the storm.

[WATCH: Cleanup efforts underway in Mesa after monsoon storm]

“I go, ‘Oh my God, there goes the shade!’” Woodall said. “There goes the shade for the whole driveway.”

But things could have been a lot worse for Woodall. The tree missed his house by a few feet and landed where he usually parks his truck.

“If I would’ve been home a little earlier, the truck would have been underneath the pine tree,” Woodall said.

However, not everyone was so lucky.

After the storm passed, Jackie Hinkle looked across the street to see a tree had fallen on his neighbor’s house.

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“Wow, I said, ‘I cannot believe that!’” Hinkle said.

While Hinkle’s house didn’t suffer much damage, on Wednesday, he too was in cleanup mode, blowing away leaves and branches that’d fallen on his driveway.

“Whatever we have to do, we’ll just do it,” Hinkle said.

And as some worked, others just came to marvel at the storm’s strength.

“It’s part of Arizona,” said Ron Willis, who came to take pictures of the fallen trees. “We all want the rain, but this is the consequence. It all comes at once!”

And for Woodall, a mess created in mere moments that’ll take a lot longer to clean up.

“We were gonna have a neighborhood barbecue chainsaw party to see if we could clear it this weekend,” Woodall said. “But I think it’s gonna take a little longer than that.”


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