PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Whether you have a dog or cat, the monsoon can be as dangerous for us as it is for our furry family members.

"The noise and the light can be terrifying to animals. We also think there are some underlying things such as changes in barometric pressure or static electricity in the air that they pick up on before we even see that the storm is coming in," said Dr. Kathleen Croteau, a Humane Society veterinarian.

Prepare your pets ahead of time by playing them storm sounds so they are used to the loud noises.

"Keep pets indoors. It's scarier outside than inside," said Croteau.

If your pets are left outside, Croteau gave suggestions for that too.

"Make sure they do have an area where they can go that is safe, such as a patio or a dog house," said Croteau.

If your pet is still having trouble, you can try productions like thunder shirts to help them feel secure. There is also a variety of holistic options and medications your pet can use too.

Here's what to do if your pet does run away.

"Make sure that you have a collar with a tag that has the current phone number on it. If your pet is microchipped, make sure that it is current with the company," said Dr. Croteau. "So if they end up at a shelter, we can return them to you."


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