PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- It happens every summer. Trees crash down on houses; giant branches smash cars like cupcakes.

Monsoon storms pack a powerful punch.

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"Last year, we had a pine tree that fell over, and when the storm came, it was 60 mph winds," said Robert Dillingham of Jason's Tree Service. "It actually lifted the tree with the root ball and clipped off a corner of a person's house."

Lisa Staken lives in north Phoenix just off Central Avenue, where she's surrounded by tall trees that could be vulnerable to blowing over.

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"We know what can happen," she said. "The winds can be very strong. We see that kind of thing happen all the time."

Last summer, a viewer sent Arizona's Family video the moment high winds snapped a palm tree in two.

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But there is something homeowners can do to keep their homes, cars, and property safe from the monsoon -- trim back trees now, before the heavy winds, dust and rain roll in.

According to tree experts,  thinning trees and clearing away dead bark and branches will significantly reduce the amount of force from the wind and keep a tree from toppling over.

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"It can save you a lot more money getting trees trimmed, versus it coming down on your car or house or structure," explained Jeremy Hertenstein of Harris & Sons Tree Specialists.

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