(KTTC/CNN/Meredith) -- If your car gets stuck on an icy driveway, who are you going to call?

A tow truck? How about a plow?

In Minnesota, two horses proved to be the right answer, and video of that feat has gone viral.

On top of a hill on the outskirts of Mabel, Minnesota, Belgian horses Molly and Prince kick up flurries of snow as their owner Jacob Hershberger takes them out for a sleigh ride.

Hershberger bought a pair of 13-year-olds six months ago.

A typical workday for them consists of hauling logs or pulling sleighs.

But it's what these two accomplished more than a week ago that truly amazed Hershberger.

“A truck driver called me and said he was stuck in the driveway, so driving home… thinking to myself, I don't know how I’m going to get him out of there, because my tractor wouldn't be doing much in this ice,” Hershberger said.

That's when he thought of Molly and Prince, seeing them as his only option to get the big rig up the icy hill.

"The truck driver was questioning me the whole time I was harnessing them up, and he said, ‘I don't see this working’ but I said…’We're going to give it a try,’” Hershberger said.

After a couple of heaves, the horses made their way uphill, with the truck driver hitting the accelerator to give them an extra push.

"I couldn't believe it,” Hershberger said.

Once they reached the apex, a tractor gave an additional boost from behind, stunning everyone, including the skeptical truck driver.

"He was lost for words and he said, ‘I cannot believe that a team of horses pulled my truck up that hill,’" Hershberger said.

After a video of the horses got more than a million views on social media, Hershberger said someone asked him how much he wants for the horses – but he is not selling.

“I said there is no dollar sign on them. I'm pretty proud of them,” he said.

Despite the extreme strength needed for that feat, neither horse was injured.

Belgians are used to being put to task, as they are considered working horses.

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JF Conlon

Beautiful photo, too!


When I was a kid back in the early 1950's my dad had a team of Belgians. I never drove them but I do know they could out pull the F-20 tractor dad had. Dad did all the plowing and discing with the team until around 1952 when he purchased a Massey Harris 44, a 3 bottom plow and a cultivator. He sold the horses around 1953 and I really hated to seem them go since they were also broke to ride, even though I needed help to get on them. Interesting one of them was named Prince, the other a name that the socialist big brothers will not let me use which is a synonym for Richard..


The original horsepower

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