Police said the Phoenix homeowner shot two men who broke into his home. One of those men died; the other is in critical condition.

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Rocky L

[thumbup] He should have shot them. What should he have done? Wait until they were all the way in and then as they beat and stabbed him, be lucky enough to shoot them? Sorry, I don't think so. This individual had every right to shoot these criminals. Heck! I would have shot them too, then reloaded just to shoot them again. But, I am not a bleeding heart liberal. I'm just a regular American Citizen who believes in right and wrong and justice. These two bozo's they got the justice they deserved.


As a homeowner I have a right to protect my home, belongings and my family. NO he should NOT be punished as I would do the same! Take away that right and we are no longer America!

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