*Viewer discretion is advised* Video courtesy of Phoenix police of alleged misconduct against officers while taking two people into custody.

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Fire the cops and move on--no need to pay them any money


What did they do that was wrong? If the couple committed a crime and needed to be cuffed it should happen whether there are children present or not. They didn't throw the woman up against a vehicle or rip her kids out of her arms. I don't see how they could've treated her any differently and still have done their jobs... This is the first time I've seen the video. I though it was going to be much more dramatic than it was.


Are you kidding me? You saw nothing wrong with how the officer handled this? First of all, the underwear the dad supposedly took was thrown out the window of the vehicle. Which was never recovered. So, no proof there. Second, it doesn't matter how he supposedly threatened other police officers at other times or was combative. He was following every direction he was given. He was not combative he was complying 100%. Third, they were not just arresting parents that had kids there. They were threatening to shoot them and the kids were in the mother's hands and had guns pointed at them. Guns were pointed at those babies and you are okay with that. Being a Psychologist, I'd like to offer you some counseling but I'm sure you think your perfectly fine.


The police acted irresponsibly , disgusting and immoral.One, Do you know how many kids walk out of stores with a toy in their hands? Thousands!! Its happened to me , it's happened to my neighbors. It's happened to several parents in this world. We all have that story " I can't believe my child stole this candy or toy from the store" . The way the police officers acted was beyond wrong. Pull a gun on them ?? And those kids?? I'm sorry but 10 mill is the least the police department can do. I wanna know how we are suppose to teach our kids police men and police women are the good guys when they act like that? I hope the family gets what they deserve and those babies arent traumatized for life for this incident. Oh and someone should bleep out the lady's number whos recording it's being shared with the whole world.


And if that were all, you would be correct. 2 problems 1) the mom knew prior to driving away 2) the dad took other stuff.


The Dad has assaulted police officers twice in the past which the officers knew prior to confronting them. If I was arresting someone with that kind of record I'd have five guns and grenade ready to pop.


Useless video

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