Raw video of an incident involving Glendale Police Department in July 2017. WARNING: This video contains graphic language. Viewer discretion advised.

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Looks like to me they have one heck of a lawsuit with credible evidence, a clear violation of the person's ammedfement rights (no, he did not have to show his ID due to no legit reason for stopping this vehicle and him being the passenger). They also utilized multiple coercion/threats, implemented violence, and profound humiliation (ie, big baby). Add on charges of potential and direct physical harm as well as psychological suffering the parent and those children will have due to watching such atrocities. Pretty unbelievable the officer with the footage, who clearly abused his position and power of authority, told the young boy to get out in front of the car to expose these yougins to even more violations to this family while perpetuating their fear. Perhaps something can good come out of this, how atrocities will not be tolerated through the upcoming litigation that weeds out such injustices through financial compensation. Perhaps the children may develop into being advocates for injustices such as this due to being witnesses to this type of non comprehensible torment unto this family.
Keep videoing/filming such exposures to week out the garbage behind the window/veil.

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