A Phoenix widower was owed money from an assisted living facility after his wife died but when he didn't receive it for more than a year, he called 3 On Your Side.

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That's great. So you help someone when THEY overpay...so it's their own fault... But you won't even touch a story about a VET who after 12 yrs (in the same apt complex) had her lease un-renewed for no reason other than she caught the Manager getting fiNg3R3d by an 'employee/tenant'.... A VET who has had Cancer 3x & fibromialgia among other health issues. A VET who was blackballed by the Manager from applying to 4 other apt complexes so she had NO OTHER CHOICE but to move out of state. I sent emails for months to different 'depts'. You don't ReAllY care about ppl - you just want to make yourselves look good. SMDH. Pathetic. NO RESPECT.

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