Valley parents want answers after video shows hospital staff in Chandler dropping one of their twin daughters and claim doctors didn't tell them everything that was happening with their little girl.


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A pro as a non pro do not drop babies. The fall was three times it's size how would you like to drop three times your body size on your head maybe it would knock sense into you based on your reviews


Also, babies often shake in. Their early day. Most of the time it’s due to an immature nervous system. I do hope her little girl is okay. Things were poorly handled by the medical team.


This is an unfortunate incident but this wasn’t done maliciously. Babies, when they are born, are very slippery with blood, amniotic fluids and vernix, which is a white, greasy, cheesy looking substance that protects the baby’s skin while in utero and the healthcare provider, be it doctor or nurse, is wearing gloves which makes it very hard to hold on to slippery newborns. They work quickly to wrap the newborn after birth, especially a preemie twin so they don’t lose body heat as the infants heat regulation systems are not well developed yet. It looks like “rough handling” to parents but it is not and things like this do occasionally happen. Yes, they should have told the parents but as the dad was filming, he obviously saw what happened. I doubt the few inches the baby slipped would have injured her, babies are tougher than most people think, but they should have explained what happened and explained the ultrasound and the reasons for doing one and the results and they should have explained the results to the parents. I don’t think anything negligent happened here other than not communicating with the parents. Now they feel like something happened and was covered up by the hospital.


Excellent post, DzooBaby. Thank you for articulating what I couldn't.


Lol, I’m not sure I articulated better-I didn’t proof read and I should have! I’m glad you agree with me. I was waiting for people to jump all over me for saying this. I actually did not see your comment when I wrote mine. This is the way nurses and doctors handle newborn (not the dropping part, but this can happen easily because those newborns are slippery especially with gloves). Newborns tremble in their first days due to immature nervous system so that’s not necessarily a sign of neurological damage on its own. Not telling the parents though has made things worse in this case.


From the looks of the video, the kid will be OK. I am NOT a doctor but I have had kids and taken care of kids. It doesn't appear that the child slipped out of the doctor's hands and hit the cushioned table from more than 4 or 5 inches. I realize that this is a newborn, but they are more resilient than you think. It was more of a slip than a drop - by the headline wording I thought the doctor dropped the baby head first on a concrete floor!

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