A family filed a precursor to a $10 million lawsuit against the Phoenix Police Department after they claim they were victims of police brutality and civil rights violations.


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Fake News

It's too bad the store owner decided not to press charges against these criminals. It's too bad the fake media portrays these criminals as victims. The man is on video stealing, that's a crime, folks. The child carries out this huge box under full parental consent. The parents need to be arrested, the child needs to be taken from the criminal parents, and the ridiculousness of a lawsuit is the only story here.


I’ve been violated by police nearly my whole life in the 8th grade I was slammed on the hood of a police vehicle . I’ve been arrested for the first time without being told I had any rights. I was even planted a gun in the back seat of my vehicle where a few officers proceeded to laugh and pretend to arrest me for that gun. They ended up telling me it was a joke. how are you getting ten million when police continue to harass me saying I just need to suck it up. Your story really upsets me now that all my intellectual property has been unjustly stolen and I now suffer from a mental illness. Thanks but I don’t think it’s fair only some people get help and some people end up as a conspiracy like me.


Join us in protesting Mayor Kate Gallego approval of this policing https://www.facebook.com/events/372802463587114/


Brutality is no newtality.[scared]

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