GREEN VALLEY (3TV/CBS 5) -- This gender-reveal party cost the State of Arizona over $8 million. 

In September, off-duty Border Patrol Agent Dennis Dickey, pleaded guilty to starting the Sawmill Fire. 

The fire started on April 23, 2017, near Green Valley, 25 miles south of Tucson.

The 37-year-old Border Patrol agent started the fire by shooting a rifle at a target filled with explosive powder.

In a new U.S. Forest Service video obtained by Arizona's Family, the target reads "boy" and "girl" on it. Once the shot is fired at the target, a blue powder appears and a brush fire starts moments after. 

[WATCH: Click here to watch the moment the Sawmill Fire started]

Dickey, who reported the fire immediately, agreed to pay restitution totaling close to $8.2 million. He also agreed to five years probation and to make a public service announcement with the U.S. Forest Service about the cause of the fire. 

The Sawmill Fire burned nearly 47,000 acres in southern Arizona. 

[APP USERS: Check out side-by-side photos of the moment the fire started]


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(7) comments


You can't make this up, people.
Those darn transplants.

JF Conlon

Please, someone, tell me what sort of a party this is. So if I am ever invited I can make sure I don't go!


Idiots. And this is the decision making ability of people who raise children. Stop breeding!


I have no idea what a gender reveal party is. I'd only be guessing that loaded rifles aren't exactly necessary for such a gala.


#1 - What an idiot! "Start packing up"? How about call the authorities?
#2 - Gender reveals are the most asinine idea. I cant believe this trend caught on and is still going strong.


Agree with the gender-reveal BS. Just plain stupid and self-serving for no real purpose. Boy is he going to be working his butt off to pay that $8M. He never will and it'll be a yoke around his neck forever.


#1 - he had to think (albeit belatedly) about the safety of the people there and apparently he DID report it right away according to the article.
#2 - Yeah I don't get those either.

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