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Arizona State heads to Boulder to take on unbeaten Colorado in a Pac-12 South showdown.

A Week in Review

The quintessential bounce back game proved to be just what the doctor order for Arizona State. After a gauntlet through the first four weeks, the scheduling gods blessed the Sun Devils with a chance to regain their footing against Oregon State, and regain their footing they did. A man that didn’t seem to ever lose his footing last week was Eno Benjamin as he broke a 45 year old single game rushing record by racking up 312 rushing yards against the Beavers. 

Eno looked great, but then so did the whole team as they wore the white helmet/black jersey/black pant uniform combination. The black jersey and pants looked outstanding again, just as they did against Michigan State. Close up in person and on TV, the black pitchfork with chrome gold trim jumped off the white helmet. From a distance, the standard sized pitchforks got lost on the white shell in contrast to them being prominent on the matte black helmets during the Blackout game. 

Eno Benjamin vs Oregon State

ASU running back Eno Benjamin set a school record with 312 rushing yards in the game (Photo: Sun Devil Athletics)

The white/black/black uniform combination looked sharp, overall. It looked great on field live and on TV, with my only critique is that of how it appeared from a distance. The results of the two games in which the Sun Devils have worn this uniform combination have both been blowouts, one clinching home-field for the Pac-12 Championship Game in 2013 and the other resulting in a single game rushing record which attaches a nice bit of nostalgia to this combo. 

White/Black/Black Home Uniforms: B+

The Week to Come


After getting back on the winning track at home, the Sun Devils travel to Colorado for their first Pac-12 South matchup of the season. ASU will wear a maroon helmet/white jersey/maroon pant combination against the Buffaloes. Arizona State has worn this color combination to Colorado twice in the past, both times in winning efforts.

Week 6 man

The white jersey features a sublimated Arizona state flag in representing the sunset and the star across the chest. The star and stripes of the flag are a tonal gray. The maroon player numbers are outlined in gold on both the front and back of the jersey, as are the TV numbers on the sleeves. The TV numbers on the sleeves take the place of the pitchfork stylized shoulder stripes. Different from the past three seasons, the numbers and accents are stitched on fabric rather than pressed on, shiny print. 

The nameplate on the back of the jersey utilizes black Sun Devil Bold font and above the nameplate is a small, maroon “ASU” outlined in gold. On the front of the jersey near the left shoulder is a black adidas logo, near the right shoulder is a maroon and gold Pac-12 shield, and at the base of the collar is the black PT*42 shield in honor of ASU Football legend, Pat Tillman. 

Week 6 jersey

The maroon pants have a small gold pitchfork with black trim near the right hip and a gold adidas logo near the left hip. Replacing the large pitchfork on the left thigh, “Sun Devils” is in gold Sun Devil Bold running vertically along the side of the left thigh. There is paneling on the pants that features the darker tonal maroon, providing further dimension to the uniform as a whole, but also serves a purpose in providing greater range of motion. 

Week 6 pants


The maroon helmet will feature a new decal stylization. It will have standard sized maroon pitchfork decals with gold trim. The facemask is maroon and the front bumpers will be both 2D and 3D with a maroon base and gold font that reads PT*42, also honoring the legendary Sun Devil, Pat Tillman.

The gold decals on the back of the helmet include the Pac-12 shield, the outline of the state of Arizona with a small pitchfork over Tempe, and the text in the Warning label. The decals on the back of the helmet are rounded out by small Sparky decals on either side of the helmet’s rear bumper.

Week 6 Helmet


Even though maroon is one of the primary colors of this week’s combination, the other aspects of the uniform will complement the white jersey. Beginning with the shoes, the Sun Devils will be wearing white based cleats. The two sets of cleats pictured below feature the adidas Adi-Zero cleats on the top row and adidas Freaks on the bottom. Adi-Zeroes are typically worn being speed position players (wide receivers and defensive backs), while the Freaks are typically worn by heavier players (linebackers and linemen).

Beginning with the top row, the Adi-Zero on the left features a maroon sole with maroon accents, gold laces and a prime-knit top. The center Adi-Zero features a gold sole, white base, and maroon tongue, laces, and accents towards the top of the shoe. The Adi-Zero on the right replicates that, but in a mid-top.

The adidas Freaks and Freak mid-tops on the left also feature a gold sole, white base, and maroon tongue, laces, and accents towards the top of the shoe. The Freak prime-knit, second to right, has a maroon sole and base with white accents, maroon laces, and a gold strap on the rear of the shoe. The Freak Torsion on the far right has a gold sole, white base, and maroon top and features both maroon and gold accents along with maroon laces.

Week 6 cleats


The Sun Devils will also wear white gloves, and as with the cleats, there are different gloves for different positions. In both pictures, the gloves on the top are Adi-Zeros and they feature “Sun Devils” in maroon Sun Devil Bold font over a tonal white and gray Arizona state flag which can be seen when the two palms are placed together. The gloves on the bottom left are Adidas Freaks, worn by larger skill position players such as linebackers and tight ends. Finally, for linemen, the gloves on the bottom right are adidas Freak-Max, which boast extra padding on the heel of the palm for all of the contact that linemen endure throughout the course of a game.

Week 6 gloves


Since the dawning of the pitchfork era, the maroon/white/maroon uniform color combination has become one of the modern classics as far as away uniforms are concerned. It puts the traditional maroon and gold on full display while including its own flair of the modern. In this case, a sweet twist made to the decals adds a little more character and allows for variety even in something that has been worn in the past. Gold standard sized pitchfork decals and oversized pitchforks paired with player number decals have been used in the past, but never a maroon standard sized pitchfork with gold trim.

This has been one of my favorite color combinations of the past 8 seasons and I’m glad to see it hit the field again. It should look great during a day game in Boulder. Especially with rain in the forecast on a grass playing surface at Folsom Field, while the white jerseys will inevitably succumb to grass stains, the dark maroon pants will stay looking good throughout the entire game. The simplification of the standard sized decals is great in theory and it looks great on the mannequin. As always, judgment, especially with the new decal, will be held out until Saturday, but I am excited to see this classic on the field again.

What Color All and/or Traveling Fans Should Wear: Gold

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