MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Investigators say the man who rammed a car into a meeting of Mesa police officers and Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies might have been impaired. 

The crash happened by the gas pumps of the Circle K near Ellsworth and Broadway roads around 4:15 a.m. Thursday, and the store's surveillance cameras were recording.

[WATCH: Surveillance video of the crash]

According to MCSO, three deputies and three officers, all in uniform, were discussing a joint investigation.

They were standing by their marked patrol vehicles when a 1996 Buick Century, being driven by Carlos Albert Diaz, sped into the parking lot, MCSO said.

Diaz accelerated, rear-ended one of the police vehicles and hit two of the deputies and one of the officers.

[WATCH: Suspect failed field sobriety test, police say]

"One deputy and one Mesa PD officer were hit so hard they rolled onto the hood of the Buick; a second deputy was struck in the leg," an MCSO official said late Thursday afternoon.

[WATCH: PD: Car rams into Mesa officer, MCSO deputy outside Circle K in Mesa]

MCSO said Diaz, 37, was driving on a suspended license and failed a field sobriety test. He also "admitted to using illegal drugs."

The two deputies and the officer were taken to the hospital but have since been released.

[SLIDESHOW: Man rams car into officers and deputies in Mesa]

Diaz is facing a variety of charges in connection with the crash.


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(9) comments


The melting pot has boiled over and is ruining our stove....


So what did that stellar witness in the video want the cops to do with the suspect? Throw him a party? He just crashed into cars, people and admitted that he had been using drugs. Should they have patted him on his bottom, bought him a beer and sent him on his way? Ridiculous comment by the witness intending to impugn Police Officers.


This place has lost it to many dumb people all in one place. Anyone dumb like that needs locked up or shipped back to the hole he came from. Most of these illegals seem to come over to get drunk an act a fool.They don't come here to better them selves , but to have a free for all.


"The name of the suspect has not been released at this time. " Um Hum. Not white or black you can bet.


I was right. And probably illegal


And what do you have to say now that his name has been released?


Just another example of the myriad threats police officers face everyday on OUR behalf. THANK YOU officers for everything you do to protect us - you are HEROES. Wishing both the officers a speedy and complete recovery.


This sounds like it could be a buddy of the murdered Mesa Man earlier this week, getting some payback. But that's just a theory.


What’s up with the east valley the heat must be baking brains oh wait that’s the meth. Well like Daddy Dummy probably has said more than once “there goes the neighborhood”

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