PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5/ADOT) – Drivers should plan ahead this weekend as commercial filming will cause temporary closures on the Valley’s freeway system from March 16 to March 18.

From 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Saturday, March 16, both directions of Interstate 10 will have brief closures throughout the day between 16th Street and 19th Avenue near downtown Phoenix.

Two of the ramps at the SR 51 Loop 202 Mini Stack will also be closed briefly as filming dictates throughout the day.

From 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Sunday and Monday, March 17-18, Loop 303 will be closed between Van Buren Street and McDowell Road near the I-10 interchange in Goodyear.

The I-10 ramps to the Loop 303 will also be closed.

On Saturday, I-10 message boards will alert I-10 drivers to the potential for these temporary restrictions. Message boards also are alerting motorists to the Loop 303 closure from Van Buren Street to McDowell  Road, scheduled between 5 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday and Monday.

The Arizona Department of Transportation and other state agencies balance the potential for delays and the availability of alternate routes with the economic benefits of having the Nissan Motor Company commercial filming in Arizona.

A spokesperson for Nissan told Arizona's Family, "We prefer not to comment on activations related to our future product marketing."

Production companies are required to compensate the Arizona Department of Public Safety for handling closures and carry insurance to pay the state in the unlikely event that filming damages the highway infrastructure.


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(16) comments


Should be illegal for the state to close freeways to shoot a commercial. So the state makes a few bucks, Nissan gets to sell some cars and we are let to take crowded detours that inconvenience taxpayers. We don't see a dime of that money, so why are we putting up with this?


Closing parts of multiple freeways (even on Monday) for a private company. Never heard of it.


Aren't all you whiny keyboard commandos happy that you have something else to complain about this weekend? Just think, your weekend might have been wasted had you not had something insignificant like this to bunch your panties and express your angst...


Thanks for publicly admitting your hypocrisy. I find that refreshing, but don't care about your undergarments whatsoever. Please stop caring about others' underthings or just keep it to yourself.


So ObeyLaws, you must be one of those stinking Nissan dealers or, worse, salesmen. Your comments sure are nasty enough to be a car dealer.


With all the closures due to construction and with Spring training traffic ALL over the valley you want to close our freeway system for a stupid commercial ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?????

Chris gwall

Why would the city subject it's people to more road closures when we have enough closures already due to they can not finish on time like they say in the first for example the new loop connection from West valley to East valley was supposed to be done by now but now it's going to be done by end of the year. Due some idiots had lay concrete 3x cuz they can't do it right the first time and no telling what else the messed up on..but we the people have face these delays on a constant basses.. thanks a whole lot of wasted time and gas on road closures adot and the city of Phoenix for hours of wasted time in back ups and coming home late to our families we appreciate it by paying you with higher registration fees..👍


I do not believe the economic input of Nissan will compare to the high cost of frazzled nerves and lost commerce due to all the highway downtime. But wait... does this mean a moratorium on ticket writing if Nissan pays off the monthly quotas???


East and Westbound 10 will be narrowed for roadwork at times over the weekend AND there will be intermittent closures downtown for a Nissan commercial!!??? Why are we paying a $32 fee again???




Dumb. It's not Nissan's fault - they asked for the access and our city government gave it to them. They could have declined.


momsacorn Nissan is closing the public roads, and of course using police who WE pay. Yes it is Nissan's fault. BOYCOTT NISSAN. Buy no more cars from them.


We have to pay for the roads. They are PUBLIC roads. Why the 7734 does a private company have any right to shut them down. I want a refund on my taxes.


So we pay taxes for theese horrible roads my motorcycle registration goes up $32 (supposedly to get funding to fix roads) then you shut them down for a Japanese car manufacturer what a joke

Jim B

Shame on Nissan. Your cars suck...


I still think of their trashy cars as Datsuns.

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