MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A wrong-way driver slammed into another car in Mesa on Saturday afternoon, the Mesa Police Department reported.

A man who watched the whole thing unfold caught the accident on camera.

"Since he was driving kind of erratically, I decided to take the video," said Greg Heinrich.

[VIDEO: Man who caught Mesa wrong-way crash on camera speaks out]

The video shows the driver crashing into another car at a red light near Southern and Stewart avenues.

According to Mesa Police, the wrong-way driver was an elderly person who became confused. Heinrich added that the driver looked lost.

"He was halfway on the curb," said Heinrich about the wrong-way driver. "He just looked confused. Something just registered [that] something's not right with this guy."

Heinrich said the wrong-way driver ran the red light and made contact with the vehicle like a magnet.

[WATCH: Raw video of Mesa wrong-way crash

Heinrich's passenger called 911 right after the crash occurred.

The wrong-way driver was sweating a lot and not responding when questioned by officers, according to Heinrich.

Police say no one was seriously injured during the accident.

[MAP: 2019 wrong-way driving incidents]

"I'm just grateful no one else was hurt because at the beginning of the video he almost hit somebody else," said Heinrich. "And it just makes me think how important it is to pay attention when you are driving."


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(8) comments


Nope definitely not 20!!! 47 with 25 years working as a first responder... Seen it all


Make all senior citizens retest their driving skills at 70 again at 75 and again at 78 and than pull their right to drive at 80... Being a paramedic I've seen what "confused" senior citizens damage and destroy behind the wheel of 4000lb weapon.... This could have ended in death of a innocent person like it has many times before... If you know someone who is at this age, throw away their keys and sell their vehicle...


I parked my mom when she was 65 because she was starting to have lapses, leading to red light running and such. I agree with what you wrote. However, remember too that some people might find this to be taking their freedom away. My mom was ready to stop driving when I parked her.


will - Why not have EVERYONE retest their driving skills every five years? Why limit it to seniors? There is no shortage of wrecks out there being caused by EVERY demographic group.


What are you Bewill, about 20? While I agree on testing you are absolutely wrong about pulling the license at 80 for everyone. I have known many who can drive just fine well into their 90's while I have also known some who should not be driving at 30. The problem is that the state laws do not allow for licenses to be pulled until there is an wreck. We asked the sheriff whether we could get my father in law's licence pulled because the way he drove and he said no way. He terrified me so I would not let my family ride with him.

Comment deleted.

it's never going to happen


This driver noticed another vehicle driving erratically. On the wrong side of the road, run a Red light but didn't call 911 until After It Crashed into another Vehicle? All the while recording? Wow! Perhaps 911 should have been Called soon as he noticed odd behavior of the other driver and none of this would have happened..


I am sure he did not have time to do what you think you would have done. Take the log out of your eye and you will understand.

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