KINGMAN, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Five people are dead after a wrong-way crash on westbound I-40 about 14 miles west of Kingman. 

[WATCH: Wrong-way crash kills 5 people on I-40 near Kingman]

According to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, the crash happened at about 9 a.m. Friday morning near milepost 36 when a vehicle was driving eastbound in the westbound lanes.

[PHOTOS: Wrong-way crash kills 5 people near Kingman]

The vehicle, driven by an 82-year-old Nevada man, crashed head-on into another car. The wrong-way driver and four other people were killed in the crash.

DPS released the names of the five people killed on Saturday:

  • Harold Wayne Wickham, 82, driver of the wrong-way vehicle
  • Ella Wickham, 90, passenger of the wrong-way vehicle. 
  • Tsun Tong Chan, 57, driver of the second vehicle. 
  • Wai Kam Ngai, 54, passenger of the second vehicle. 
  • Ching Kwong Chan, 21, passenger of the second vehicle.

[MAP: 2019 Wrong-way incidents in Arizona]

The westbound lanes of I-40 have partially reopened.

[CHOPPER VIDEO: Five killed following wrong-way crash on I-40 west of Kingman]

Stay with for updates on this developing story.


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(32) comments


Who woulda thunk 73 year old Dean thinks pot is a major contributing factor to wrong way accidents, more of an issue than drunken driving or driving on pills/opioids. Smh


Everyone make sure and trust the "statistics" from Dean, not.


Thanks that that's all folks nless find anouther in shrubs later.[sad]


How is it...a total of 5 people noticed they were driving in opposite lanes?!?!?! All 5 people were blind as an owl?!?!?! No different than a drunk driver or a texter. Fuggin ridiculous. Over should get checked yearly to be able to have a valid license. Oh well. Sh*t happens. Nice to see nobody in the other vehicle died. All well...end well.


What are you talking about? 4 other people died. You think they were all in the car with the 80 year old guy??

Rico Rush

If they noticed, you would think they were not hit each other. I do fear when you are on the road for my life, cause clearly you can't understand the article at all.


UPDATE- nobody in the other vehicle died? Try THREE people in the other vehicle died.


Obviously, you didn't read the story...


"...driven by an 82-year-old Nevada man..." I wonder how long it has been since he was verified safe to drive. Yes there are many drivers that age who have the ability to drive safely but from personal experience I can say that neither my father nor father in law were able to drive safely at that age. My mother would drive for my parents, but my father in law was widowed and I would not allow any of my family to ride with him yet he claimed he could drive as well as when he was 40. We even contacted the local sheriff who said there was nothing he could do due the laws of the state. I am 73 now and know that my reactions are not what they used to be so am very careful..


Thank Satan you are 73. Not long for this world.


I was driving along side a wrong way driver two nights ago on the US 60 heading towards Wittmann.


Yes. I'm sure you were. You love bandwagons don't you, loser.


Open, straight, multi-lane highway with good visibility at 9 am. I'm having trouble imaging how this would even happen. SMH.


82 year old driver says it all.


Quite a few 80 something year old people who are thoroughly medicated ---- from their 60's on up.

JF Conlon

True, and no one at MVD ever checks on meds. Lots of older drivers in AZ, they should check.


Not just older people, in fact the majority of "thoroughly medicated" are 20 to 40 on pot and booze.


Up the Wazoolie, shut the h3ll up. The huge majority of wrong way drivers in the valley are much younger than 82 years old you idiot. Man, what happened to you, how the h3ll did you get so messed up??


Daddy Dummy the real question is what happened to you? Your such a miserable person maybe it was all the a-ss pounding you took as a kid. You really should be the one to break that pedophile culture you’re all rapped up in. Go for it Daddy Dummy show everyone how special you are. It’s ok


Thinking more a "crossover" crash from a result of a "medical emergency" than going to wrong way intentionally. Unless there are cable barriers or a physical median wall on that stretch. Been almost 20-years since I was last up that way so don't know off hand.


Such an expert. Onsite and was the whole thing.

MyOwnMind're a moron. You steer down the exit ramp and drive.


People have lost their driving minds! This used to hardly you hear about wrong way drivers weekly!


People need to learn how to drive or stay off the road, kill one of my family , i will kill you!


Build the WALL - Crash into that.


I wanna suck your left nutsplash [tongue_smile]


Now,now-he’s dating his right hand.


Good. Satan will have a fine time with you. Why is your name Di? You have stupid parents thinking it's cool to pretend you're a princess. I got news for you - your lower than a peasant.


What's with the persistent nastiness with everyone?


Their nastiness stems from various possible sources: mental illness, racism, bitterness over their own failures in life, and anonymity enabling them to act on the powerlessness they feel every day. For ex, “ utsplash” makes an anit-Mexican comment every time he comments, on many stories that have nothing to do with immigration such as car accidents, etc. if someone has a name he thinks “sounds Mexican” in his mind they are undocumented and should be immediately deported- no matter if they are not Mexican and legal US citizens, even 3rd it 4th generation. It’s pathetic.


No kidding


I agree with BDub, most of these negative commenters have no life, they're full of pi*s and vinegar and manage to find everything and anything negative to focus on. Since no one wants to be around them they just sit behind their computers all day complaining about the world and try to make everyone else as miserable as they are. Some of these people really need to get a life.

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