PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Three major Phoenix freeways at the Mini-Stack interchange have reopened in Phoenix Wednesday morning after police investigated a suspicious package that turned out to be a 'traffic-counting device'. 

[WATCH: Traffic-counting type device snarls morning commute in Phoenix]

The Arizona Department of Public Safety had closed the following freeways at the Mini-Stack:

• Westbound Interstate 10

• Southbound State Route 51

• Westbound Loop 202 

The freeways were closed for nearly an hour while police investigated a suspicious package near I-10 at 16th Street but have since reopened.

[WATCH: 3 major Phoenix freeways reopened at Mini-Stack after police incident]

DPS's Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit responded and determined that the item was not a threat.

DPS later said that the package was actually a traffic-counting device. 

The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) said the equipment was placed at the location by a contractor working for MAG. 

According to MAG, the contractor secured all appropriate permits and placed the counter equipment on the freeway Tuesday morning. 

“MAG believes the contractor followed all of the appropriate permitting processes,” said MAG executive director Eric Anderson. “We are looking at the chain of events to determine how the misunderstanding may have occurred. All of the agencies involved are committed to ensuring this regrettable situation is never repeated. We apologize to all of the motorists who were inconvenienced by the freeway closures.”

[VIDEO: 3 major freeways closed for police activity in Phoenix]

The traffic counter collects information about traffic volumes for future planning, engineering. 

MAG has five counters in use in the Phoenix area: On Interstate 10 (2 locations), Interstate 17, State Route 51 and Loop 101. 

ADOT released the following statement to Arizona's Family on Wednesday afternoon: "Based on this morning’s events, ADOT will reevaluate how we work with partners on placement of traffic counters and similar devices to ensure that information is available on where they are located in case of questions or concerns. Individual locations and installation dates may be required, rather than the open-ended blanket permits that currently provide placement authorization."

Get the latest traffic information here.


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(14) comments


Absolutely STUPID, DPS didn't had NEVER seen one before? Heads should roll!!!


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Goes to show just how DUMB ADOT is. They do not know how to build roads to start with, then plaster an illegal tax ($32) on cars and now cannot even count cars without shutting down three major interstate highways.


The cops mess up and the contractors will have to do more paperwork from now on.
DPS will hide behind their 'thin blue line' and demand tax increases so this 'won't happen again'.


That's exactly the 2 sentences I would of wished to weite but I got thrown off by my need to tell the public how easy they are to convince that a middle eastern terrorist is out there putting boxes on the freeway that explode at random, (as opposed to thorough planning to make victims out of organizations on US soil that actually affect the middle east,,, AIPAC tribalists perhaps??), but , no , a terrorist would be dumb enough to randomly put a box of nails and bolts that will explode upon contact with RANDOM citizens [whistling]


This was very good practice for everyone, even drivers, for when they do find a roadside IED. Albeit none of it enjoyable.


If you like wasting government money on the fear ticket candidate,,, which tends to be all candidates. F fear and propaganda .


And when will that be?




When "terrorist whisperer" Barny Fife resurrects from the mind of a savvy Hollywood writer. [pirate]

Jim B

OMG, a traffic counting device caused all this mess? Thanks DPS for another disaster


DPS tweet at 8:58 a.m. - "All freeways are now open in the vicinity of interstate 10 and 16th street."

Jim B

F..k DPS

Jim B

Police activity? What the heck is going on...some facts PLEASE!!!!! Have never seen a state like AZ that loves to shut down highways left & right.


don't like it you can leave. We aren't a communist society yet.

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