Three 14-year-olds, one 12-year-old charged with rape of 19-year-old woman

Three 14-year-old boys (Wimer Ramos [left], Nile Campbell [center], Philip Worrell [right]) and one 12-year-old boy have been charged with raping a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint in Baltimore, according to Baltimore police. The three 14-year-olds are being charged as adults.

BALTIMORE (Meredith) -- Three 14-year-old boys and one 12-year-old boy have been charged with raping a 19-year-old woman at gunpoint in Baltimore, according to Baltimore police.

The three 14-year-olds are being charged as adults. The 12-year-old is being charged as a juvenile.

According to WMAR, police said the 19-year-old woman had gotten off a public transit bus Feb. 6 and was walking home when the four boys ambushed her, forced her into a backyard at gunpoint and raped her. Police said only one of the suspects had a gun.

Police told WMAR that neighbors heard a ruckus outside and came to the rescue, interrupting the assault. The four boys then ran off, police said.

Two of the suspects were caught on public transportation surveillance cameras, and police released the photos to the public asking for tips. According to WJZ, police with Baltimore City Schools recognized the suspects and contacted Baltimore police. The other two suspects were identified soon after, according to WJZ.

Police said the victim positively identified the suspects.

On Thursday, police arrested 14-year-old Wilmer Ramos, 14-year-old Phillip Worrell and 14-year-old Nile Campbell. The 12-year-old was also arrested, but his name was not released since he is being charged as a juvenile.

The three 14-year-olds are charged with First and Second Degree Rape. The 12-year-old is charged with First Degree Rape, Third and Fourth Degree Sex Offense, Conspiracy-Kidnapping, Conspiracy-Robbery, Perverted Practice and Handgun on Person.

Ramos, Worrell and Campbell are currently being held at Central Booking and Intake Facility. Bond information and court dates were not available.

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(22) comments


Those Kids in Balto are not in a good School System that develops their thinking abilities. If they were able to think they'd go to School and troll for a young 23 year old Teacher with an enormous love drive. The Teacher would "rape" them. No problem except their resulting life long trauma and Court Awareded $5 Million Damages.


Our children are our future...


Baltimore huh? I thought the only thing they cared about was the injustice of white cops killing "innocent" black criminals? I wonder if this is President Trumps fault...


How Awful for the 19yr old victim
But Thankfully all her attackers were caught and are arrested. I pray she gets justice and all the young men are charged for many years in prison for the traumatic horrible experience this Young woman had to go through.


None of my comments are visible today...Am I in azfamily jail?


I can see your comment. I don't think you're in jail, but I doubt it if I can see your comment.


Thanks, HitMe. My comments were taking several days to show up and I wondered if azfamily had a similar "jail" policy (like Facebook) if they didn't like your comment.


If Obama had sons!!!


You should do everyone a favor and kill yourself now.


Obama? Kids / teens/ horny / gun /kidnapping/ ex president,,, Me thinks you're way off track.


I believe in white men and women celebrating their heritage and pride, I even listen to David Duke on Zionism and our cleptocrocy.... But jeez, the story says in a nutshell- kids/ teens/ gun/ kidnapping/ loud commotion/ backyard/ caught /public transportation/ surveillance video/ (you extrapolate = Obama) ,,,, me thinks you're off track and foaming on that presidency.... Although to be fair he did give millions to wall street and military industrial complex,,, as all presidents do. We're not going to escape that tax expenditure for at least 50 years or more. Good luck on those wild fantasies & your mental health. 😐


No mentiion of where the scum rat got the gun..


at least people responded so many turn away


People just think they can take whatever they want, whenever they want it.


Certain people do.


Let me guess.... They listen to classical music... right? That's what did it? Got them all agitated and aggressive?? LOL. Nope.


Where are the parents in all this? Didn't they teach these kids anything?


Looks like they taught to RAPE and steal


Parents? Are you being sarcastic?


The joyous thing to focus on is that when the scumsuckers are jailed with adults, they'll truly understand rape ... over and over again.


Maybe the jail system could put 3- 14 year old (teenage girl defendants) in the jail where you'd like to see , or hear, or discuss the eventual rape of 14 yr old boys, as a vigilante justice assignment. Bet you cant erase that thought out your mind. But , do crime , do the time, except that one guy who finger banged a girl behind a dumpster who was rich and privileged.


Just some hood rats being themselves.....

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