Adolfo “the Outlaw” Ramos starts a new profession on Saturday night. After 15 years of preparation, Ramos will step into the ring for the first time as a professional boxer.

“It's like a dream come true. I've worked so hard and long,” said the 23-year-old Ramos while working out at Hard Knocks Gym. “I'm hoping to try to be belt holder at age 25.”

Ramos oozes optimism. He usually sports a smile, except when he’s in the ring.

“It’s just something that takes over. You can say the dark side,” said Ramos, fittingly with a smile. “That’s my personality. That’s how everybody knows me is just the smile.”

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Ramos is a Junior Olympic Champion, two-time Golden Gloves Champion, Texas State Champion and Arizona Gene Lewis Champion. He has over 15 years of boxing experience that started back home in Texas.

“My grandpa was looking for a sport to put me in. My mom didn't like football because of them hitting,” said Ramos, an El Paso, Texas native. “My grandpa said, ‘Put him in baseball.’ I was outfield. I was just out there playing with the butterflies... My mom was like, ‘He's little, they're not going to put him in the ring.'”

Two years later, Adolfo found himself fighting as an amateur. After some early “butt whoopings,” he started to hone his craft. He moved to the Valley and linked up with former Arizona Middle and Super Middle Weight champion Arturo Ortega.

"He can go as far as he wants to. He has all the essentials he needs. He's a hard puncher, fast hitter. Compliment that with a good smile, a great personality, you hit everything,” said Ortega, who worked on Arizona’s Family production crew before leaving to take over Hard Knocks Gym. "He'll be my first student that I get to release as a pro. He’s huge. He's just the spark that's igniting the fire in the whole house because from him, some other guys who are good enough to turn pro but they aren't fully committed. They've become more committed because they see that it's possible, see where they're being lead to."

Ramos has big plans for his professional career but he’s not ready to quit his day job. He spends his days at Shamrock Farms making cottage cheese.

“It's a lot of work, you've got to go round and round. You've got to go back and forth, put up paddles, mainly a workout for your shoulders,” said Ramos about his day job. "I try to tell my coach to take it easy on me but it doesn't work."

He jokes about it but deep down Adolfo knows the value of discipline. His grandfather gave him the nickname “The Outlaw” for his habit of getting into trouble as a youngster. On Saturday night, Adolfo’s grandfather will walk him in the ring at Celebrity Theatre for his first pro fight.

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