PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Phoenix Rising forward Jason Johnson set social media on fire last summer with his scissor kick goal to take the lead on Tulsa. It was retweeted over 1,400 hundred times viewed over 300,000 times. It was one of those goals that made fans say crazy things out loud.

Earlier this month, Johnson got to experience what it was it like to be one of those fans when he came across Ernesto Osornio's goal on the Phoenix Rising Youth team.

"I think we were coming back from Tucson because I follow the Phoenix Rising Youth Instagram," said Johnson. "We're in the back seat with a couple of the guys and I was like, 'The play was good.' The cross was good and then the finish. If you tried it right now, the ball was coming down. It's not like it's coming to you. It's coming from down. Great contract and the keeper had no clue."

Johnson recently hosted Osornio at the Phoenix Rising facility. Arizona's Family tagged along as the two talked about their amazing goals.

"His goal was really good. If you watch the goal, the ball was literally behind him, where I have momentum going to the goal. That's why I like his so much," said Johnson. "He's literally going back and do the bicycle. For me, mine is the scissors. That's the difference between a bicycle kick and scissors, kid, by the way. Great momentum. Great cross."

[WATCH: Phoenix Rising pro, youth players chat about epic goal kicks]

Osornio calls his kick a "chilena." A chilean soccer player was the first to execute the bicycle kick. The Ironwood Ridge student was waiting for the perfect moment to break it out.

"At first I was going to try to trap it and bring it down to shoot it," said Osornio. "Initially, the ball was at a place where I liked it so much. Naturally, I just decided to do it."

Osornio joked that he had seen a goal like that before, though his degree of difficulty might have been higher with Johnson attacking the ball from the side, hence the scissor kick.

But could they teach the kick to an aging sportscaster?


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