PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Phoenix Suns rookie Mikal Bridges was a Top 10 draft pick, after winning two National Championships at Villanova.

But that doesn't intimidate Scottsdale grandmother Dottie Tidball, who just challenged the Suns star to the ultimate March Madness Bracket Battle.

Tidball and Bridges each filled out a March Madness bracket to see who could pick the most winners.

"I hope I do pull a couple of upsets," said Tidball. "That would be fun. Whether I will or not, we'll have to see ."

Bridges made his selections based on his vast knowledge of college basketball.

"I go off teams I know - how really well coached they are," said Bridges. "I go off how they've been playing lately."

The 79-year-old retired teacher had a slightly different strategy.

Tidball chose teams based on her life experience, travel and hobbies.

"I read and go to the movies," said Tidball. "I also exercise a bit and play bunko."

The two fierce adversaries exchanged pleasantries after a Suns practice, but don't let the smiles fool you.

They are both in it to win it.

Bridges knows not to underestimate his opponent.

"Grandmothers are very wise. They're wise," said Bridges. "So they know everything. They know things that you probably don't even know that they know."

"I have to put a little fight into it, of course," said Tidball.

So whom did Bridges and Tidball pick to win it all?

Bridges chose his alma mater Villanova.

Tidball took Duke, for obvious reasons.

"I've been to North Carolina," said Tidball. "My cousin lives in North Carolina."

Bridges and Tidball have agreed there will be no trash talking during the tournament.

Jason Barry is best known for his Dirty Dining Report which airs Fridays at 6:30 p.m. on CBS 5.  He is also the storyteller behind CBS 5's Pay It Forward which airs every Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

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Jason Barry is a nine-time Rocky Mountain Emmy Award winner who is best known for his weekly Dirty Dining reports highlighting local restaurants with major health code violations.

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