PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Reggie McGill knows a thing or two about working out like a football star. 

The owner and head trainer for Extreme Speed Training was a running back at the University of Arizona and in the NFL.

Now, he works with a wide range of athletes in a variety of different sports, from professionals and college players, to young kids and weekend warriors. With Super Bowl fever at a height, he showed us how we can all work out like an NFL star.

McGill says a warm-up routine is crucial before any workout. He runs his athletes through what is called a “dynamic warm-up.” From exercises like light and power skips, back peddling, karaoke, power jumps and Frankenstein kicks, McGill says it is important to get the heart rate up.

Once warmed up, McGill says variations of ladder work help to train an athlete to control their body, with quick, small movements. It also allows an athlete to develop rhythm and tempo.

McGill then moves on to box jumps. He says these exercises work to improve explosion.

“Every good athlete, no matter what sport you're playing, explosive, explosive, explosive movement is important,” explains McGill, who says box jumps and ladders also push an athlete’s cardiovascular fitness to develop as well.

McGill moves on to lateral step overs. He uses small hurdles and has his athletes step back and forth for 30-second intervals. He uses several variations of step-overs and stresses that his athletes pump their arms as hard as they work their legs.

"A lot of athletes don't understand that the movement of the arms goes with the legs. So the faster you move your arms, the faster your legs,” says McGill.

We wrapped up our “NFL Workout” with “bear crawl” exercises. He says this builds shoulder, core and leg strength, all while providing a cardiovascular workout as well.

McGill says anyone can do these exercises themselves, in their yard or at a park. “It doesn't have to be this specialty equipment. You can do it on a curb. You can do all kind of hops everywhere.”

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