Arizona company’s unique approach to pet grooming means less stress for your dog!

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GLENDALE, AZ (Twin Tails Cageless Grooming) - Proper grooming is essential to your pet’s health and well-being. Although grooming sounds relatively simple, it can be stressful for our furry family members and for us as pet parents. At many grooming facilities, you drop your pet off in the morning and pick them up in the late afternoon or early evening. Your dog (or cat) could be there for as long as six hours, spending most of that time in a kennel in a strange place with unfamiliar sounds and smells.

“It’s just the way it’s always been done,” said Bill Matson, who founded Twin Tails Cageless Grooming with his wife, Jamie. “We knew we could do it better.”

Grooming at its best, a tail above the rest!

The Matsons decided to take a different approach with Twin Tails Cageless Grooming. Their setup might look familiar to you because it’s very much like where you get your hair done. “Our shops don’t look like normal grooming salons,” Bill said. “They look like a human hair salon.”

At Twin Tails Cageless Grooming, your pet spends their entire appointment – nose to tail – with their groomer. That groomer is working on just your pet and will never put him or her in a cage for drying or waiting. Twin Tails doesn’t even have cages.

Twin Tails Cageless Grooming specializes in attentive one-on-one service. Your pet will never...
Twin Tails Cageless Grooming specializes in attentive one-on-one service. Your pet will never be put in a cage for waiting or drying.(Twin Tails Cageless Grooming)

Twin Tails Cageless Grooming is one of the runners-up in the Small Business Spotlight Contest sponsored by Cox Business, National Bank of Arizona, and Local First Arizona over the summer. It grew out of a mobile grooming service. Bill was a full-time firefighter, and Jamie was well on her way to a career in the medical field when she decided to make a change. A big one. She launched a mobile dog grooming business, building it into a thriving company.

After a few years, the couple moved out of the buses and trailers and shifted the mobile dog grooming business to a brick-and-mortar store. They made the cageless grooming experience and the one-on-one attention for which Jamie was known the heart of their new endeavor. It was a hit with the pet clients and their people.

A stress-free, inviting, and friendly place for you and your pets

Although there are no cages at Twin Tails, which is named in honor of the Matsons’ twin boys (Robert and William), it’s not an off-leash facility. “They’re never roaming around,” Bill explained. “They’re never nose to nose, never commingling with other pets. Each pet is always in the hands of a Team Member or placed safely at a Parking Station.”

“It all goes back to that stress-free environment for the pet parents and the pets themselves,” he continued.

Twin Tails Cageless Grooming is named for the Matsons' twin boys, Robert and Williams, and was...
Twin Tails Cageless Grooming is named for the Matsons' twin boys, Robert and Williams, and was built with the support of their family.(Twin Tails Cageless Grooming)

When you make your first appointment, Twin Tails will send you a questionnaire that you can fill out and submit online. It’s all the basic information about your pet(s), including any allergies they might have or concerns you might have. When you arrive for Fido’s appointment, they already have what they need to get started. The groomer will have a quick conversation with you and make sure everyone is comfortable.

“You and your pets are like family to us,” the company’s Facebook page says. “We will focus on all of your needs and requests each and every time.”

And if you have more than one pet - even more than two or three - Twin Tails has you covered. Their shops have enough well-trained groomers and plenty of space to take care of all your pets at the same time. All of them in about 90 or so minutes.

Twin Tails Cageless Grooming salons look like the salon where you get your hair cut or styled.
Twin Tails Cageless Grooming salons look like the salon where you get your hair cut or styled.(Twin Tails Cageless Grooming)

Happy employees make for happy clients

The Matsons were determined to make Twin Tails a great experience not only for their clients (both the two-legged and the four-legged) but also for their employees.

They offer their staff health insurance. They also have full-time receptionists who handle check-ins, scheduling, and phone calls and managers who oversee each salon. That frees up the groomers to focus on your pet. They won’t be interrupted by other aspects of day-to-day operations.

“We are trying to provide a great environment for not only the pets and the pet parents but also for our pet groomers,” Bill said.

The Matsons are passionate about pets and love what they do. And they’re determined to share it with anyone who wants to join them. Because Arizona does not require any kind of state-issued certification for pet groomers, the Matsons founded their own school - AZ Pet Grooming Academy.

“We want them to have a career with us,” Bill explained. “We have people who have been with us for years and years who are great mentors and leaders within our organization.”

Future of the pet grooming industry

AZ Pet Grooming Academy offers a flexible 16-week program. Students complete 500 hours of hands-on training. (That’s almost as long as the required training to become an aesthetician in Arizona.) The hours can be tailored to your schedule, so you do not have to quit your job to go to school full-time. There’s also the option of an apprenticeship and a paid tuition program.

“We want to find good people and train them to be groomers,” Bill said, explaining that most of the groomers who trained at the AZ Pet Grooming Academy have gone on to work for Twin Tails Cageless Grooming.

AZ Pet Grooming Academy students complete 500 hours of hands-on training.
AZ Pet Grooming Academy students complete 500 hours of hands-on training.(

Twin Tails Cageless Grooming also offers its groomers free continuing education courses so they can grow and thrive in their chosen career.

The Matsons want to grow both their academy and their business. For the school, they are looking at becoming a registered post-secondary educational program and accepting students from all over the country. On the business side, franchising could be the path forward.

“We’re building a path for pet stylists to advance financially and eventually manage or own a Twin Tails Salon of their own,” Jamie said.

The Matsons have already taken the first steps down that road; one of their three salons is a pilot franchise. Bill said they hope to offer more opportunities on that front soon.

Pets are family

The pet industry is massive and continues to grow. People want the best for their beloved pets. And the Matsons want to make sure they get it.

“People are always going to have pets,” Bill said. “And I think people value their pets more every single day. Pets are family.”

That’s why the Matsons foster an environment where groomers can get to know their four-legged clients and their humans. They want their employees to build relationships with each other, with the pets they style, and with the pets’ parents. The one-on-one appointments and interactions are an essential part of the business.

Twin Tails Cageless Grooming clearly is doing something right. Their clients have spoken, voting for the salons in Phoenix Magazine’s Best of Valley awards. Twin Tails Cageless Grooming has been named Best Pet Groomer for the third year in a row.

By the way, the Twin Tails Cageless Grooming team loves dogs, of course. The canine set makes up most of their clientele. But they welcome cats, as well, and have even worked on a few critters. Sometimes, guinea pigs and rabbits need a little TLC, too, especially for their nails.

Dogs make up most of Twin Tails Cageless Grooming's clientele, but cats are more than welcome.
Dogs make up most of Twin Tails Cageless Grooming's clientele, but cats are more than welcome.(Twin Tails Cageless Grooming)

No matter the species or breed, Twin Tails Cageless Grooming is all about pets and the people who love them.

“At the end of the day, we want the dogs to be happy. We want the pet parents to be happy. And we want our employees to be happy,” Bill said. “That makes us feel like we’ve accomplished something in our world here. If we can look back and say that we provided jobs for hundreds of people and provided thousands of pets with good safe grooming, then we’ve reached our ultimate goal of helping others and our community.”

Make an appointment today to get your pets the best grooming of their lives.