Scheels is opening in Chandler soon and it’s going to be huge!

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CHANDLER, AZ (Scheels) - When Scheels opens in Chandler later this month, it’s not only bringing a unique shopping experience to the Valley, it’s launching a special community partnership.

The Scheels team is made up of people who are passionate and knowledgeable about sports, and not just one or two sports. All the sports!

And the employees are invested in the success of the company because they own it!

The countdown is on!

“Scheels is more than just an experience, it’s a wow.”

Take a break from shopping at Scheels to ride the Ferris wheel, visit the arcade, or get lunch!

Scheels is more than a store. It’s an EXPERIENCE!

Scheels is your go-to for all things golf

Biking experts at Scheels can’t wait to share their passion with you

Beginning archer? Experienced bowman? Toxophilite? Scheels archery shop has everything you need!

Hiring now!

Scheels has everything you need for your outdoor adventures

Scheels employees are invested in every aspect of the company because they own it!

Culture, customer experience make Scheels unique

Partnering with the community