This car rental company’s fleet is 100% Teslas. They’ll put you in the driver’s seat.

Resla offers a luxury experience worthy of this iconic car.

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PHOENIX (Resla) – Tesla is one of the most talked-about carmakers in the U.S., and for good reason. The company set out to “make badass, zero-emission vehicles that can charge with clean energy.” Tesla’s “badass” cars - that really is an accurate description - have become synonymous with high-tech luxury at its finest. Who wouldn’t want to get behind the wheel?

But unless you’re buying, getting your hands on a Tesla might be more complicated than you think. Many big rental companies say they have Teslas in their fleets, but what they don’t tell you is that availability is hit or miss. You might get a Tesla. Or you might get something “similar.” (Not that there is anything similar to a Tesla.)

That’s where Resla comes in. Its entire fleet is comprised of Teslas. It’s the only car on its lots. Resla has every model and guarantees that the car you rent is the car you’re going to get. That’s a promise old-school rental companies cannot make.

Resla fleet of Tesla Model 3s
Resla has an entire fleet of Teslas - every model - just waiting for you to get behind the wheel.

Resla has made renting a Tesla super easy, and their customer service, an essential element of any luxury experience, is second to none.

“We were just tired of unnecessarily complicated car rentals, so we decided to make the process easy and simple,” explains

Resla knocked it out of the park.

“My experience with Resla was superior to any I had with a traditional car rental platform,” Tesla renter Tanner Sutton said.

“Their customer service is amazing!” according to Laura Winkler. “100% will rent here again.”

The idea

It was a less-than-ideal rental experience that led the founders of Resla to create the company and build an all-Tesla fleet. They tried to rent a Tesla from one of the big-box rental companies. It didn’t go well.

“When it came time to go get the car, it was unavailable,” Resla spokesman Conner Ashton explained. “They thought that was ridiculous. They wanted an option where you get the exact car that you want.”

The car. Not something “similar.”

So, they created Resla.

“You are always 100% guaranteed the car that you book,” Conner said. “You are 100% guaranteed to get a clean, charged-up Tesla every time.”

“We’ve got all four models available – the S, 3, X, and Y,” he continued. “And all of our cars are long-range, as well.”

That means depending on the model, you’ll get between 330 and 405 miles before you need to charge up. We’ll get back to that in a second.

Resla has all four Tesla models - the S, 3, X, and Y - in its fleet.

What is it about Teslas?

Teslas are dream cars, unlike anything you’ve driven before. They have a stellar safety record, but it’s more than that.

“After safety, our goal is to make every Tesla the most fun you could possibly have in a vehicle,” the automaker says. “We build features that make being in your vehicle more enjoyable.”

And that’s on top of an incredible driving experience.

“There’s a very long list of differences between a normal car and a Tesla,” Conner said.

First, keys are a thing of the past. You use a fob that looks like a black credit card to unlock and start your Tesla. Once it’s running - or purring, because electric cars are extremely quiet - you’ll find most of the controls on a touchscreen in the middle panel.

When you’re ready to hit the gas, don’t. Teslas don’t have “gas” pedals because, well, they don’t use gas. But more important than what you call the pedal on the right is understanding that Teslas are like launched roller coasters. And if you’ve been in a Tesla, They accelerate fast. Like really fast. (The word many Tesla fans use to describe acceleration is “insane.”) They’ll go from 0 to 60 mph in about the time it took you to read this sentence. (Probably less.) That kind of power out of the gate takes some getting used to. Use a gentle touch.

Braking in a Tesla is different, too. The cars have a regenerative braking system, which means all you need to do is ease up on the accelerator. The brakes kick in immediately. The less pressure on the accelerator, the stronger the braking action.

“Unless you’re coming to a complete stop and stopping for a while, you almost never need to take your foot completely off the gas pedal,” Conner said. “You’ll just slightly let go, and it’ll apply the brake.”


Why rent a Tesla?

Why not? Everyone should experience the future of cars, and Teslas are it.

If you want to treat yourself while on vacation, a Tesla from Resla is the way to go. You book your reservation online. You must be at least 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license and a major credit card. You can pay with a debit card when you return the car if you like.

You’ll be teamed up with a dedicated specialist who will coordinate everything and make sure you have what you need to get on the road quickly.

If you’re considering buying a Tesla, renting from Resla makes sense. You always want to test drive any car you’re thinking about buying, but a few minutes around a dealership is not enough to get the full Tesla experience. You’ll want it for at least a few days to ensure it fits your lifestyle. We’re pretty sure you’ll be hooked.


Charging 101

The biggest, most obvious difference between a Tesla and a regular car is how it runs. It’s electric, which means you need to charge it. The cars are basically plug-and-play, kind of like your mobile device if it had wheels. But infinitely cooler.

The Tesla you rent will have a charge of 80% or more. When renting a gas-powered car, you’ll need to return it at the same level to avoid a fee. But you’ll get some serious mileage. Both the S and the 3 LR have an EPA-estimated range of 358 miles. The X and Y have about a 330-mile range.

The most convenient place to charge your Tesla is at home. You can plug it into a standard outlet. Yes, you can plug your Tesla into the wall. It’s a slower charging system, but plugging it in overnight should get you where you need to go. Resla will make sure you have the proper cables.

When you’re on the road, there’s Tesla’s Supercharger network. A Supercharger can give your Tesla enough juice to go for another 200 miles in just 15 minutes. And they’re everywhere – more than 40,000 global locations. The best part is you do not have to know where the Superchargers are because your Tesla does. Pop your destination into the Tesla’s nav system and the car will tell you exactly where to go. Plug her in and go get a coffee. Your Tesla will let you know when she’s ready to get back on the road.

Inside a Tesla Model 3

Bottom line: Two questions

1: Why should you rent a Tesla?

It’s a Tesla - the most advanced, luxurious four-wheeled vehicle on the road. Teslas It’s an experience, a way of life, and our future.

They look fantastic and are built for performance powered by clean energy.

There’s nothing like a Tesla.

“They’re a blast,” Conner said.

2: Why should you rent from Resla?

It specializes in putting drivers in Teslas and giving those drivers the best possible experience from reservation to return. Their goal is for you to enjoy your trip with zero hassle. They do that with contactless collection available 24/7, guaranteeing you a Tesla, and transparent pricing.

“It’s simple, efficient, transparent, and completely on your schedule,” says. “Book the car, choose a delivery location within their areas, submit your driver’s license for approval, start the car and you’re on the road.”

“You get luxury with us,” Conner said. Not just the luxury car, but the luxury experience. And the price for renting a Tesla from Resla is about the same as renting a luxury car from a big-box rental company, but the Resla experience and customer service are superior.

If you want to drive a Tesla - either during a vacation or as a trial run before you buy – Resla is the only way to go.