Opendoor app is key to buying your Phoenix home

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SCOTTSDALE, AZ (Opendoor) – Opendoor prides itself on making it easy for people to buy and sell a home at the same time.

“Simple, fast, and certain.”

“If you’ve ever bought a home before – or sold a home – you know it can be super daunting,” Opendoor spokesperson Stephanie Sedlak told Darrell J. Cunningham when they recently met at one of Opendoor’s homes in Scottsdale. “It can be challenging, confusing. You’re dealing with a bunch of different people.”

Opendoor clears up the confusion and takes the challenge out of the process.

“We give you one person that you can talk to,” Sedlak explained. “It’s simple, fast, and certain.”

And you can do everything online.

“It’s as simple as the tap of a button,” Sedlak said.

Selling a home to Opendoor

If you’re looking to sell your home but don’t want to deal with agents or showings or buyer demands, Opendoor is definitely for you. All you have to do is enter your address on and answer a few simple questions about the house. You’ll have a preliminary offer from Opendoor in about 5 minutes.

“If you like it, we’ll take the next step,” Sedlak said. “We’ll guide you from start to finish.”

You can skip the staging and showings, which means you won’t have strangers wandering in and out of your home.

One of the best benefits of selling to Opendoor is choosing your closing date. You’re not relying on an individual buyer to come through. You’re in the driver’s seat. That can be a huge money-saver because you can avoid double mortgage payments by aligning your closing dates.

Opendoor also allows you to make an offer as strong as cash on your next home.

Buying a home

Buying a house in the Phoenix area with Opendoor is just as easy. Their app is the key – literally.

When you find a home you love you can use the app to set up a tour. There’s no need to coordinate schedules with an agent; you can go when it’s convenient for you.

“You actually unlock the door with your app,” Sedlak said. “It’s a little bit like magic.”

If you can’t get to the home for whatever reason, you can start with a virtual tour.

Expert in the market

Opendoor has been buying and selling homes in the Phoenix area since 2014, so they know the market well. Phoenix was the company’s proving ground.

“We have grown exponentially,” Sedlak said. “Last year alone, we doubled in size.”

Opendoor is now in 50 markets, so whether you’re looking to leave Arizona or become a Valley resident, Opendoor can help.

“Since our first market launch in Phoenix, AZ, we have expanded coast-to-coast - from San Diego to Long Island,” Opendoor expert Rob Reiling explained on’s blog. “We’ve built the first end-to-end platform for transacting real estate online, and we’ve reached more than 160,000 transactions, helping our customers nationwide simplify their move.”

To say Opendoor knows the real estate market in Arizona and throughout the nation is an understatement. The company’s research teams are constantly on the leading edge of market trends, positioning Opendoor to help you understand and take advantage of the ever-changing landscape.

Opendoor recently conducted a study to determine the best cities for families, and an Arizona city landed in the top five.

“Those are cities that have picnic tables, or parks, swimming pools, close to schools,” Sedlak said. “Chandler, Arizona, actually ranked No. 4 – in the entire country.”

Opendoor looked at things like academic excellence, the great outdoors, and what kind of feel the cities have. “The locations also have outdoor play areas, neighborhoods with a strong community feel, and a wide selection of restaurants and coffee shops for the entire family,” according to the report.

Earlier this year, another Arizona city made another Opendoor list. Opendoor named Maricopa one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S.

“Real estate is a great barometer for other trends shaping the world around us,” Opendoor consumer trends expert Beatrice de Jong said when Opendoor released that list earlier this year. “People’s lifestyles, priorities, and work situations continue to change, and that influences where they want to live.”

And wherever you want to live, Opendoor is there and ready to help.