THIS is the company you want working on your roof in Arizona. Here’s why.

Lyons Roofing: “We set the standard in the industry.”

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PHOENIX (Lyons Roofing) – The next time you spot the Arizona’s Family Storm Commander out and about, you’ll likely see something familiar, and we’re not talking about the people behind the wheel and in the passenger seat. Lyons Roofing is teaming up with Arizona’s Family to help bring you the First Alert Weather coverage you know you can rely on so you can be ready for anything Mother Nature throws at us. Lyons Roofing and Arizona’s Family go way back. The family-owned company sponsored the Storm Commander when Arizona’s Family first launched it. And if you’ve lived in Arizona for a few years, you might remember the Lyons Roofing News Chopper with Bruce Haffner at the stick.

If you've lived in Arizona for awhile, you might remember seeing Bruce Haffner in the Lyons...
If you've lived in Arizona for awhile, you might remember seeing Bruce Haffner in the Lyons Roofing News Chopper.(Lyons Roofing)

Lyons Roofing is an Arizona company with one thing at its core – integrity. From the owners, Paul and Rhonda LaNue, to the crews up on the roofs of homes throughout the Phoenix area and Tucson, integrity is the cornerstone of the company and has been since it opened in 1993. They live it. They breathe it. It’s their past, present, and future.

Lyons Roofing will celebrate its 30th anniversary next year, and what a difference three decades make!

Although it was founded in 1993, the LaNues bought Lyons Roofing in March 2005 when the founder, Patrick Lyons, decided to retire. Paul had already been with the company for four years by then. Patrick recruited him hard and hired him specifically to help build the company as it shifted from consulting to roofing. It was a smart move on Patrick’s part; Paul took the business to new heights.

Rhonda’s background was in the corporate world. Before she and Paul bought Lyons Roofing, she was thriving in software training.

When Patrick retired and the LaNues saw an opportunity to pick up where he left off and carry on the Lyons Roofing legacy, there was never a question. They were on the same page, determined to continue the growth of the company they loved. With Paul at the helm as president and Rhonda as executive vice president, that’s precisely what they’ve done.

Paul and Rhonda LaNue pose with the new Arizona's Family Storm Commander.
Paul and Rhonda LaNue pose with the new Arizona's Family Storm Commander.(Lyons Roofing and Arizona's Family)

Just two years after they took over, the Arizona Small Business Association featured Lyons Roofing as an Arizona company to watch.

Business was chugging along nicely until the Great Recession hit at the end of 2007, lasting until mid-2009. It was a tough time all the way around, and the LaNues had to make some difficult decisions. They knew they had to cut costs but wanted their employees to have a say in how it would happen. There were two options – lay off some people or have everybody, including the LaNues themselves, agree to take pay cuts.

“We kept everybody,” Rhonda said.

The LaNues look at their employees as family and extended family and invest in them and their futures. More on that in a minute.

What the hail?

Lyons Roofing weathered the Great Recession, and it was business as usual until Oct. 5, 2010. That’s the day Mother Nature handed Arizona its “costliest weather disaster” ever in the form of what the National Weather Service called “legendary hail storms.”

It started when supercell thunderstorms over central Arizona moved into the Phoenix area. Hail, some of the biggest stones Arizona has ever seen, pounded the city. Homes and cars took quite a beating.

When the time came to deal with the aftermath, Lyons Roofing shifted into high gear to ensure its customers got what they needed. And there were a ton of customers. The company has maintained that level of business since.

Employees are just as important as customers

Unlike some businesses, Lyons Roofing has never publicly touted itself as a company that treats its employees as family. Rather than say it, the LaNues simply do it.

“We’ve never promoted the family thing,” Rhonda said. “But yeah, we are a family environment.”

The company doesn’t need to shout it out to the world because those who work at Lyons Roofing know it. They experience it daily. The LaNues might not talk the talk, but they most assuredly walk the walk. Their values are clear and intentional in their actions every minute of every day, not just when others are watching. That’s integrity in action.

When the LaNues bought Lyons Roofing, it already had the tagline, “Creating customers for life.” They took that promise to the next level.

“We immediately added ‘Creating employees for life,’” Rhonda said.

It’s no secret that the construction industry can be brutal. In addition to the inherent hard work, employees are not always treated well. The LaNues decided to be the change they wanted to see and lead by example.

“It was just a really important factor for us to treat our employees better than the construction industry was treating employees,” Rhonda explained. “It’s just the mindset that I wanted people to have growth opportunities, even if, you know, we taught them well enough, and then they took another job. It’s just important to me to help people develop. We’ve had incredible opportunities given to us in our lifetimes. And I wanted to pass that on.”

For the most part, employees at Lyons Roofing don’t leave for other jobs. They retire. Lyons Roofing has a legacy wall at their office showcasing people who have been with them for 10 years and longer. There are many photos on that wall.

The LaNues take the time to recognize outstanding work and love to share their employees’ successes with the entire team. They host a Christmas party for their employees and their families and don’t let milestones like birthdays and work anniversaries fall through the cracks.

“We’re all customers.”

In addition to treating its employees well, Lyons Roofing is extremely customer focused, which is evident in the array of awards it has earned over the years. Among them are a Better Business Bureau Ethics Award, a “Pulse of the City” award for excellence in customer satisfaction, and consistently high rankings on consumer lists like Ranking Arizona and in industry publications like Roofing Contractor magazine.

Paul and Rhonda have gone out of their way to avoid the missteps other contractors often make.

“Salespeople don’t always follow up. Office people don’t always answer the phone or call people back,” Rhonda said. That’s true of many businesses, but not Lyons Roofing. You’ll always talk to a human being (How rare is that these days?), and you will get a return call. “We wanted to set the standard for the industry in that respect.”

“We’re all customers,” Paul agreed. #Truth. In one way or another, everybody is somebody else’s customer; we all know what good customer service looks and feels like.

Part of that customer service is education. The Lyons Roofing team is trained to “triage” roof problems to ensure they are handled correctly. Of course, your issue is a catastrophe to you, but the Lyons Roofing team can help you determine exactly how serious the problem really is and put your mind at ease going forward.

“It’s their job to dissect a situation to see where the priority comes in,” Paul explained.

“We have it almost down to a science of where calls should go and who should handle it, so the customer doesn’t have to be kind of tossed around,” Rhonda elaborated. “You have to take that time. These are people with emergencies, and they’re scared. We give them a little bit of breathing room and confidence that they can make these decisions on their own, and we encourage them to get other quotes.”

The management team at Lyons Roofing is second to none.
The management team at Lyons Roofing is second to none.(Lyons Roofing)

It can be scary because let’s face it, most of us don’t know a thing about roofing. We rely on our roofs to protect us and our homes, but beyond that, the nitty-gritty details might be a bit fuzzy. While some companies - in any industry – might see a customer’s lack of knowledge as an opportunity to make as much money as possible, Lyons Roofing sees an opportunity to educate.

Your crew will explain what you need and why, and they’ll help you make decisions about one of the most significant home repair or improvement expenses you might ever see.

It comes back to integrity.

“We are going to be the company that’s ahead of the curve.”

There’s so much to recommend Lyons Roofing, but the LaNues want you to know one thing.

“We set the standard in the industry,” Rhonda said. “I think a lot of companies looked at what we were doing and started doing some of the things we’ve been doing throughout the years.”

As for the future?

“We are going to be the company that’s ahead of the curve – with customer service, with training employees, with how we do business.”

That’s how Lyons Roofing became one of the top roofing companies in the state, and that’s how they’re going to stay there.

King of the Rooftops