You have to try this new Phoenix restaurant! Your taste buds will thank you.

There’s sushi. And then there’s Fuku Sushi!

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PHOENIX (Fuku Sushi) – If you’re looking for a culinary adventure – and who isn’t? – you have to check out the newest addition to the Phoenix area’s restaurant scene. It’s called Fuku Sushi, and it will make you forget everything you know about sushi and everything you have tasted before.

There is no shortage of sushi joints in Phoenix, but there’s nothing like Fuku Sushi.

Chef Matt and Chef James explain what make Fuku Sushi special

Fuku Sushi gives diners “a unique delicious, and unforgettable experience” with traditional and inventive dishes “carefully prepared to dazzle your senses.” The menu is distinctive, full of items you won’t find anywhere else.

Take Fuku Sushi’s Kimidori Roll. “It’s unique and special to us,” explained James Hyon, the regional manager of Fuku Sushi. He’s also a sushi chef. The secret to Fuku Sushi’s Kimidori Roll is the sauce, which James describes as a fusion of garlic, cilantro, and aioli. “You’re not going to find this sauce anywhere in Arizona,” James said. “You can’t really do it justice by describing it. You have to taste it and have that experience on your own.”

Kimidori Roll | “You’re not going to find this sauce anywhere in Arizona."
Kimidori Roll | “You’re not going to find this sauce anywhere in Arizona."(Fuku Sushi)

One thing that sets Fuku Sushi apart is not what is in its recipes but what is not.

“None of our spicy mixes have any mayonnaise,” James said. “Every other sushi restaurant that you go to, everything that they use has mayonnaise in it. All of our spicy mixes are designed so that the ingredients really elevate the heat while not taking away from the star of the show, which is the fish.”

It’s a delicate balance because heat can easily overwhelm other flavors. In the skilled hands of Fuku Sushi’s chefs, heat and spice truly enhance the fish and take the dishes to new levels.

“We designed our menu so we wouldn’t get lost in the mix,” James said.

On the menu at Fuku Sushi

It’s no accident that Hyon used the word “designed” when talking about Fuku Sushi’s menu and recipes, many of which he created with owner and chef Matt Serventi.

Fuku Sushi made a name for itself in Tucson. University of Arizona students know it well. Sake bombs, anyone? Serventi bought it nearly 10 years ago and brought it north to Phoenix during the pandemic.

While Fuku Sushi is the perfect place for those who already appreciate sushi, it’s also great for sushi beginners. James says the base Kimidori Roll is an excellent place to start. “It has no fish in it,” he explained. “It’s all vegetables and then the Kimidori sauce.” And when it’s time to take off the training wheels and get adventurous, there are yakumi options to try.

“Now, every other sushi restaurant you go to is pretty standard,” James said. “It’s just the fish over rice, which a lot of people are hesitant about because of the raw fish and the fishy flavor of it. But [Fuku Sushi’s] yakumi options – yakumi is Japanese for condiment – are additional toppings to enhance the flavor of the fish. ... You’re not going to find these yakumis anywhere else.”

“It’s a combination of our yakumi toppings, as well as the fish [that people love],” he continued. “It does not require soy sauce or wasabi.”

But if you’re just not ready for raw fish – no judgment here – Fuku Sushi has a hot menu for non-sushi-eaters. You’ll find shrimp, chicken, tofu, steak, and salmon teriyaki bowls and teppanyaki, along with ramen, yakisoba noodles, and fried rice.

Steak Teppanyaki
Steak Teppanyaki(Fuku Sushi)

“Anything that comes out of our kitchen is delicious,” James said.

The food, of course, is the star of the show at Fuku Sushi, but Matt and James are dedicated to giving patrons an elevated experience and quality service at an affordable price.

In addition to its fantastic menu for sushi fans and non-sushi-eaters alike, Fuku Sushi has a full bar with a stellar cocktail menu and daily happy hours, but that’s not all. They cater to the late-night set with reverse happy hours, 10 p.m.-close.

“For everyone getting off work late, we’ve got you,” Matt said.

Fuku Sushi is celebrating its grand opening at The Colony on Seventh Street just north of Missouri Avenue in Phoenix on Saturday, Jan. 21.

Fuku Sushi | 5538 N. 7th St., Phoenix | (602) 601-6447 |

Fuku Sushi is located in The Colony on Seventh Street just north of Missouri Avenue in Phoenix.
Fuku Sushi is located in The Colony on Seventh Street just north of Missouri Avenue in Phoenix.(Your Life Arizona)