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FLAGSTAFF, AZ (Discover Flagstaff) - Time for cool mountain getaways in the beautiful pines of Flagstaff, Arizona.

With the Phoenix summer coming - the Valley has already seen its first 100-degree day, and more are on the way - Flagstaff is the perfect place to escape the brutal heat and breathe in the crisp mountain air.

As if summer highs in the low 80s under sapphire blue skies were not enough, Flagstaff is home to the world’s largest contiguous emerald-green Ponderosa pine forest.

Discover Flagstaff: Endless Panorama
Discover Flagstaff(Discover Flagstaff)

There is so much to enjoy in Flagstaff, but there is also much to protect. The city welcomes visitors to stay and play responsibly in Flagstaff’s wild places.

Trails provide access to Flagstaff’s wild places and with the help of the nonprofit organization, the Flagstaff Trails Initiative (FTI), there is a fun and easy way to support responsible tourism. The goal of FTI is to “improve upon the old trail system to create an extraordinary trail for the community” and all who visit. FTI’s mission is “to improve the quality, connectivity and community support for a sustainable trail system that balances the demand for recreation with the community’s vision for conservation, development, and health.”

Let’s talk about the trails

Nestled in the Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff is home to the highest point in Arizona - Humphreys Peak. And one of the seven wonders of the world - the Grand Canyon - is in the city’s backyard. It’s just a little over an hour to drive from Flagstaff to the South Rim, and the experience is worth every minute.

There are hiking trails for every skill level, as well as bike trails and rock climbing.

If it’s an outdoor adventure you want, Flagstaff is the place to find it.

“The path to adventure isn’t always paved.”

Discover Flagstaff - Trails Passport
The Flagstaff Trails Passport puts information for more than 30 trails at your fingertips. (Discover Flagstaff)

That’s what the free Flagstaff Trails Passport says, and it is absolutely correct. The passport is designed to help you find the best adventures. The Flagstaff Trails Passport is packed with important and helpful information and gives you the chance to win some fun prizes. All you have to do is check in to collect points.

Discover Flagstaff - Trails Passport

When you go to and click the Flagstaff Trails Passport Sign Up Now button, the passport will be added to your cart. Click the Checkout button. Before you say anything, yes, the Flagstaff Trails Passport is free, but Discover Flagstaff needs some information from you. It’s the usual stuff – name, ZIP code, email address, and your cell phone number and no worries, Discover Flagstaff does not share any of your data. Check a couple of boxes to tailor your messages, confirm your email address and phone number, then click the Complete Order button.

Discover Flagstaff - Trails Passport
Whether you’re just getting into hiking, taking your bike out for a spin, or have a stroller tagging along, Flagstaff has a trail for you! | Top: Tom Moody Trail (Picture Canyon), Arizona Trail - Marshall Lake, Little Bear Trail | Bottom: Sandy Seep Trail(Discover Flagstaff)

You’ll get a text within a minute or two to access your passport. The system gives you the opportunity to download the passport to your phone’s home screen if you want to, but it’s not necessary to use your Flagstaff Trails Passport. The passport is a mobile-optimized website designed specifically for your phone. If you don’t download it, you’ll want to keep the link from the Discover Flagstaff text handy or bookmark the page. (Tap the three buttons in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and then tap the star icon.)

The Flagstaff Trails Passport puts information for more than 30 trails at your fingertips.

The passport places trails into three categories - easy, moderate, and challenging - and tells you about how long each hike is.

Discover Flagstaff - Trails Passport
(Discover Flagstaff)

Points and prizes

We mentioned the Flagstaff Trails Passport comes with some prize opportunities. You earn points by checking in at each trail you visit. Easy trails are worth 1 point; moderate trails are 2 points; and challenging trails are 3 points. Earn at least 10 points and Discover Flagstaff will make a one-time donation (in the trail user’s name) to the Flagstaff Trails Initiative (FTI). To be clear, the donation is funded by Discover Flagstaff, but in recognition of you, the adventurer. Using your phone, be sure to follow the steps to claim this prize.

Discover Flagstaff - Trails Passport prizes

Not just the great outdoors

While there’s no denying that Flagstaff is a mecca for outdoor adventures of all ages and skill levels, it’s not just the call of the wild that draws people to the “City of Seven Wonders.” (Those wonders, in case you’re wondering, are the Coconino National Forest, Grand Canyon National Park, Oak Creek Canyon, Wupatki National Monument, Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument, Walnut Canyon National Monument and the San Francisco Peaks.)

Flagstaff’s food scene as a culinary mecca continues to evolve with creativity, forward-thinking chefs, and is Arizona’s leading craft beer city. This mountain town offers abundant opportunities to tempt your tastebuds. Flagstaff is a foodie destination with world-class chefs and award-winning breweries

Atria features farm-fresh American fare, craft cocktails, and more. Chef Rochelle Daniel was a James Beard semifinalist for Emerging Chef of the Year in 2022.

Not far away, Shift Kitchen + Wine Bar focuses on bold flavors in its locally driven menu. Chef Christian Lowe, the talent behind those bold flavors, is a semifinalist for a 2023 James Beard Award for Emerging Chef.

And, downtown on Route 66, Proper Meats + Provisions is a 2023 semifinalist, too, for Outstanding Restaurant. A James Beard Award in the food world is equivalent to an Oscar in the movie world. There are more than 200 restaurants in Flagstaff, and each one is something special.

With countless outdoor adventures, an impressive variety of things to see and do, and a summer calendar packed with events and festivals, Flagstaff is truly Arizona’s destination for cool mountain getaways.

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