SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.-- Some familiar faces from 3TV teamed up with the Sky Kids organization to bring holiday cheer to some very special kids.

Our own Scott Pasmore and Bruce Haffner, along with 20 other pilots, gave wings to almost 130 kids with special needs, as they took the kids on their first flights out of the Scottsdale Airport.

The kids get to be "in command" and get to experience firsthand what it feels like to fly!

It's all part of the Sky Kids organization. Their programs promote self-esteem and confidence for special needs kids, through flight.

The kids flew in big planes, small planes, and even the Penguin Air News Chopper. Many families said it was the adventure of a lifetime.

"Best day ever!" one of the kids told Bruce Haffner after a ride in the chopper.

"He had a great smile on his face the whole time," said Sky Kids pilot Steve Snyder, describing the reaction of one of his young passengers. "He said, 'Steve, this is the best day of my life.' I will never, ever forget those words from a kid who doesn't have very many good days at all."

"A lot of these kids will never have a driver's license," says Snyder. "But the day they get to fly an airplane? It is way cool."

Sky Kids relies on volunteers, donations and sponsors to run events like this.

For more information on Sky Kids, visit

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